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Club Street Social is simply Manhattan chic, sleek, elegant and classy. Meet this newly opened hidden gem of a cafe-cocktail bar situated in tiny Gemmill Lane, just opposite Luke Oyster Bar. Stepping in makes one feel very welcome as natural light fills the entire place with its tall glass paneled doors that front the entrance, creating that tranquil and soothing atmosphere.

Even though space is not exactly CSS’s strongest point, the owners have cleverly maximised every inch of the place by building the dining area parallel to the bar, which is in turn facing the multilevel display of booze in the wooden shelves that climb all the way to the ceiling. It is obvious that a lot of thought has been put into the planning of the architecture of the place, with the matching bowl pendant lightings and dark brown wooden furniture coming together so beautifully, evoking a very rustic feel from this aesthetically charming establishment.

The menu is not too extensive, with all the cafe’s offerings including food and drinks found on a double-sided single A4 sheet black folder, but every item is a unique combination of ingredients that is simply delightful to the palate. Yes, you will soon see ordinary plain toasted sandwiches in a whole new light after stepping out of this place.

CSS offers about five to six items on their all day breakfast menu with the usuals of granola with yogurt, scrambled eggs, bacon and the likes but the Truffled Egg Toast $14 caught our eye! My dining partner was a huge truffle fan so we were definitely ordering it.

Like all good truffle dishes, this Truffled Egg Toast greeted us with its aroma when this plate was served to the table. After dividing the toast into four parts for all of us, we each still had a sizable portion of the thick bread. I had barely finished saying grace when I was interrupted by excited squeals telling me ‘I had to try it!’. Excitedly, I cut out a piece from the corner topped with melted cheese, as my mind was filled with expectations…

And every single expectation was met. This was one deceivingly ordinary looking piece of bread that was phenomenal and that was not even the best part yet! Bite into the soft but not mushy yolk center and you will be blown away because the yolk had soaked up all the truffle oil and the flavour simply bursts in your mouth.

With that great start to a meal, it was going to be hard for the other items to match up. Thankfully they did not fall behind.

Our Confit Duck, Roast Portobello and Thyme Panini $19 was already cut up into sharing portions by our considerate servers who knew we were planning to share all the dishes.

An amazing mix of duck meat and portobello made perfect with the drizzle of tangy mustard dressing. The bread was crisp and warm and a great contrast to the succulent duck pieces. We were definitely loving this kickass combination.

The Grilled Ribeye, Caramelized Garlic, Fontina Panini $28 will not look like this if you order it because we added a sunny side up and the rashers of bacon on the side. Yeah we just made it a little more sinful than it already was… The grilled ribeye was surprisingly moist and tender though it was obviously ‘well done’. We were joking that the piece of meat must have been pounded for a really long time by the meat mallet before it reached this consistency but nonetheless, this was another champion item.

And… saving the absolute best and our favourite sandwich for the last- the Pan-Seared Lobster, Avocado, Yuzu Mayo Panini $28 was the winner out of the lot. Just when you thought the food could not get any better, this baby arrives and changes the whole game.

I am talking about real lobster chunks in between your toasted panini, smothered by perfectly ripe slices of avocado topped with homemade Yuzu mayo. Though it was a tough fight, the Yuzu mayo definitely stood out. This citrus based creamy dressing was like nothing we had ever tested before and it did a wonderful job at bringing out the sweetness of the lobster meat and the smooth buttery taste of the avocado. An absolute must-try if you do come here!

The Nutella Bread and Butter Pudding served with Nutella and Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla ice-cream is an off the menu but strongly recommended dessert to order by the lady who told us while clearing our plates that ‘we had to leave some space in our stomachs for it’.

No need for words to describe this bread and butter pudding which is made on the spot when you order it (hence the long waiting time for it) because I think the following photographs explains it better than anything I can ever write. Plus anything with Nutella is already a winner. True story.

Club Street Social definitely has great potential and I have absolutely fallen in love with this place because of my soft spot for places with a great ambiance. The service was also flawless with enthusiastic and cheery staff. This could possibly become the next ‘it’ place for after-work drinks or just a laid back chilling hangout on the weekends. But do note that they do not take reservations unless you have a group of more than 8!

Club Street Social, I will be back again soon.

5 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069261
+65 6225 5043
Website :


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  1. Mable says:

    that truffle egg toast looks soooo good dear! and i’m getting hungry just looking at the pictures and reading ur descriptions!

    i definitely want to try this place :)

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