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Hailing all the way from down under Australia, Toby’s Estate has opened its first ever offshore branch in Singapore. Word has it that the owner whose name is Toby (no surprises there) had actually worked in the coffee plantations and factories of Brazil, Guatemala, Columbia and even East Asia, honing his skills before setting up his first cafe in Sydney! Needless to say, Toby’s Estate is yet another gourmet coffee store whose owners are passionate about a good brew.

But of course what’s a fragrant roast of coffee without a hearty breakfast platter to accompany on a lazy Saturday morning? Toby’s Estate also offers a pretty extensive menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even pastries on display for anyone who is either looking for a good meal or simply something to munch on.

Starting off our weekend brunch was a creamy and cheesy bowl of mac and 3 cheese. We ordered the kids size at $8 because we did not want our entrée to take up too much tummy space before our mains arrived. And it was a good choice since eventually, this small bowl serving was just nice.

Deniece had the breakfast croissant with scrambled eggs + smoked salmon $12 and added a side of sauteed mushrooms $3. She had full praises for her choice and I have to admit, the presentation was definitely appetite inducing. The croissant was well crisp, browned and the buttery consistency was commendable.

Song’s eggs royale $14 had an added serve of bacon and cheese $5 to it. Well you cannot go far too wrong with beautifully poached eggs topped with Toby’s unique expresso hollandaise sauce. However, we did all agree that if the additional sides were not ordered, the plate might have looked a little plain and empty.

My brioche toast $6 with additional smoked salmon + sauteed mushrooms + chicken chipotle $9.50 was my own creation and my was I glad I ordered this baby. The brioche toast was perfect in every way and I have full praises for this buttered puffy, rich and flaky bread. The smoked salmon was a surprisingly generous serve and the chicken chipotle was decent. The sauteed mushrooms however did not taste sauteed enough as it was too dry and limpy. But in case you were wondering..yes I did scrape this whole plate clean!

Soup of the day which was Cream of Mushroom $10 was unfortunately a disappointment because while the soup had chunky mushroom bits, the concoction tasted just like a simple blend of cream and mushrooms. It was bland and almost tasteless or perhaps the chef just had an off day with his blender and soup pot.

Overall, it is safe to conclude that Toby’s Estate has definitely become a hit with the locals with people streaming in non stop throughout the morning and afternoon. Do come early because seats are limited indoors and it is not really pleasant sitting outdoors in this 35 degree weather though there are large umbrellas to shade you from the harsh sun rays. The food is decently priced and there is no service charge (true to Aussie style) though there is still GST.

Do I like this place? Oh yes!

8 Rodyk Street
Tel: +65 6636 7629


8 Responses to Toby’s Estate

  1. The croissant looks really really really good!

  2. doodoo says:

    you just keep getting better at this! :D love the entry!

  3. Raymond says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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  5. Katarina says:

    I love this place! Good food and the staff has been really nice! I like their spinach-feta quiche!

    • admin says:

      Agreed! Big fan too! Love the whole vibe of this place tho it can get a bit of a squeeze at times when it’s crowded! :)

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