Selfish Gene Cafe

Barely a year old, Selfish Gene Cafe has already made quite a name for itself in the Duxton area. Opened by Le Cordon Bleu graduate Gene Mok, this cafe prides itself at serving unpretentious, affordable and definitely tasty food accompanied with a good brew of coffee or tea. After all, as his tagline goes.. ‘Gene is selfish because he will not serve food he would not eat!’

We wandered to this cafe quite by accident because Group Therapy Cafe was closed for the day and my were we glad we made that ‘accident’.

The Smoked Salmon Sandwich was a good portion and size. The focaccia had a well kneaded tough exterior but a complimentary moist and holey middle after biting into it. Though we did away with the cream cheese for this one, the sandwich was still not too dry and definitely refreshing for an afternoon bite! The accompanying mesclun salad with the homemade dressing was delicious. It was tangy, sweet and perfect for those green leaves. This is one homemade recipe I would really like to get my hands on!

The Mushroom Toast was great mix of chopped mushrooms sautéed in a little butter, olive oil, garlic and thyme and topped on a crisp slice of toasted bread. This tasted as pretty as it looked and it definitely left us wanting more after we cleaned this plate up.

Café latte ordered by the coffee enthusiast of the group commented that this cuppa was decent but still preferred the one at The Plain down the road. Perhaps Gene was not around that day to work his magic on the coffee maker.

Overall, I loved the airy and bright open feel of the cafe when you walk in. The place is relatively spacious and there are paneled glass windows at a ceiling corner angled to allow that tiny bit of sunshine to come in for some natural light. A very homely and chill out atmosphere that Selfish Gene offers. Especially with its rather extensive menu of breakfast, lunch and sweet offerings accompanied by an equal emphasis on both coffee and tea, it’s safe to conclude that this hidden find of Duxton area has much potential.

40 Craig road
Singapore 089678


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  1. Nick says:

    Still decent coffee nonetheless! And better aircon than The Plain

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