After 21 Days

IM BACK! After 21 days of touring the US and Canada, being blessed with the opportunity of witnessing God’s wonderful creations first hand and all the beauty He made with nature, searching out the popular food joints in both countries and tantalizing my taste buds with delicious foods but most importantly, just being able to spend the last 21 days with my family- real good quality time, with no distractions and bonding with them all over again.

I am also extremely thankful for all the love and care the family showed me during this entire trip as I struggled through the aches and pains in my joints and random fevers of my condition, they were ever so patient, never complaining if I needed to stop for a rest or having to forgo a day of activities simply because I had a flare up and ever ready to help carry my bags if I could not go on. I am really glad that with all the prayers and love and of course plenty of pain meds, I was even able to get up every single day to travel and fulfill the itinerary I painstakingly planned for my beautiful family because I wanted them to have a good time. This trip definitely brought me a whole lot closer to my family and I thank God for all three of them.

So the great adventure for which planning started in March was my project and pride. Dad and Mum pretty much gave me free reign over the itinerary and just gave me a budget to work with. The route we took was Singapore → NYC → Montreal → Toronto → Vancouver  → Whistler → Vancouver→ Seattle → NYC → Singapore and over the course of the next couple of posts, I will be covering some pretty good food finds as well as places of interests in these 5 states so stay tuned as I start editing my 32gb of raw photographs taken throughout the whole journey and I hope you will enjoy revisiting these places with me. Check back this space soon!

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