NYC Eats: Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn

Synonymous with great tasting steak and voted 27 times in a row as NYC’s best steakhouse, Peter Luger is indeed a household name when it comes to serving up the finest steaks. After all, this 125 year old establishment is also a one star Michelin restaurant!

Located at about a 15min walk from the nearest subway station, Peter Luger greets you with its boisterous and lively atmosphere as you step through the rugged wooden doors of the restaurant. This place is hardly fine dining and is in fact more casual and unfussed, evident from the simple layout and architecture. The walls are filled with framed certificates of their awards and accolades, even more proof of what a crowd pleaser Peter Luger has been over the years.

Reservations are a MUST at this place and we rushed here after a 5hr flight from Seattle. We were clearly excited to see or rather taste how special this award winning steak really was.

A basket of bread was delivered to our table straight after our orders were placed. There were mainly three types of bread- taste wise, it was not too bad. It was however cold and hard. I was a tad disappointed but I was not about to pass a judgement on a steakhouse simply on their basket of rolls.

Our Steak for Two (Porterhouse) which is a Peter Luger specialty and must order arrived soon after. We had it prepared Medium because Mummy did not like her steak too red so we compromised. The porterhouse was served in a large plate and elevated with a bread plate so that it tilted to an angle and the beef juices was able to fully and thoroughly marinate the meat once more. Our server immediately began doling out cut slabs of the steak onto our plates so that the steak that you ate, would be at the perfect degree of doneness you had requested for. If you prefer it to be a little more cooked, you could then leave the steak in the main plate which was still hot.

And my oh my was that piece of steak in my mouth pretty darn awesome. The tops were charred to the right amount of crispness while the meat was succulent, so rich in flavor, juicy and simply the BEST steak I had ever had- almost like a revelation that all the steaks I had been eating over the past few years was simply a lie. This was the real deal baby and my was it amazing.

And if eating the meat alone was not good enough, Peter Luger makes their very own special house sauce which was the perfect match for the steak. Most tables I had observed, cleaned their table sauce jars dry to the last drop. Our table did not fare too badly either!

Another must order here is their Creamed Spinach which looked a tad like mush and almost like baby food in a bowl when it first arrived. But give this unassuming looking side a chance and you will not regret it one bit.

It was my first time having creamed spinach and while I expected something creamy (duh) and heavy, it was anything but. The good people in the kitchen had sautéed the spinach leaves for just the right amount of time and cooking it in its own broth simply brought out the full flavor of the spinach. Delish! And definitely trumps any baby food around.

Of course not forgetting the Luger’s Sizzling Bacon, Extra Thick by the Slice which is a huge hit with Peter Luger fans. The secret to this thick cut loin of a pig is the hot broiling process which caramelizes and chars the bacon, giving it that distinct flavor and subtle sweetness. Order a slice for the table and share it, it will be just right. Any more and it might get a little too heavy and definitely go straight to your hips.

And adding a sweet touch for an end to that mind blowing dining experience were specially imprinted Peter Luger milk chocolate coins in gold foil. It was good chocolate and definitely had me sold. But then again, Im a little biased towards people who give me free good quality chocolate.

Our total bill came up to a little less than USD$200 with tips because we shared the mains and sides. Portions are generous and hearty so dont over order. You can always add on later if whats on your table is not enough but bear it mind that Peter Luger is a cash-only establishment so make sure you draw enough money prior to coming here!

This experience has definitely given me an insight to how important the selection of a good loin is as well as proper dry aging is to making that perfect steak and changed my perspective to how steak should actually taste like. Peter Luger’s recipe for success has served it well for the last hundred years. Im very sure it will continue to do so for the next. Add this place to your bucket list folks, it’s simply off the charts.

178 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 387-7400

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  1. weixin says:

    ugh. i’m so jealous!! it sounds fabulous! Practically worth 2 stars!

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