NYC Eats: The Lobster Place @ Chelsea Market

The Lobster Place is a true fish market- displays of various catch of the day, shellfish, oysters, sushi/sashimi bar for easy takeaway, soup bar for piping hot and freshly made chowder and bisques, this place is paradise for the ultimate seafood fan.

We went straight to the lobsters section because while all the other seafood here is reasonably priced, freshly steamed cooked lobsters for $14.50/lb is definitely a steal. After all, the owners would not call it The Lobster Place for nothing!

So the drill is pretty simple.

1) Decide if you want a live lobster to bring home to cook yourself (which is of course cheaper) or pay slightly more for them to steam it for you!

2) Pick from their wide variety of lobsters on display after you have decided the size. We went for Medium and that was satisfying enough.

3) We decided to get our lobster plated up and eat it straight away but be warned that The Lobster Place has a constant stream of customers at all times and seats in this place are limited to bar counter seats at the front. Tip: Start looking for a place while this nice man starts to steam your lobster (which will take roughly 10-15min) so you will be nice and ready to dig into the lobster when it is ready!

4) Enjoy that lovely crustacean that is served with slices of lemon and a container of their buttery sauce which is absolutely divine for dipping sweet lobster meat into!

The meat of the lobster itself was so fresh and sweet, it was a definite winner for me. Dont be afraid to use your hands and fingers to dig into the shell of the lobster and INDULGE because it is indeed finger-lickin good!

Definitely the place to go for fresh seafood and definitely the place to go for fleshy, sweet tasting, BIG and FRESH lobsters!

75 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
(212) 255-5672

New York, USA

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