Montreal Eats: Les Glaceurs in Old Montréal

We made a trip here after evening mass at the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal. It was a 30 degrees day and some ice cold gelati was very much in order. And it was especially easier to convince the parents because since it was such a hot day, dad and mum were more than accommodating to Jie and my request for dessert before dinner!

“Everyday, Les Glaceurs prepare some of the freshest & most delicious homemade cupcakes from traditional recipes and decorated with a touch of fantasy. We use only the highest quality ingredients in perfect dosage, and we believe this is what makes our cupcakes so irresistible!” –

While Les Glaceurs is famous for their cupcakes and almost everyone talks about their Red Velvet and extremely generous frosting, we aimed straight for their bright pink wall with its long rectangular board and various flavours of the day written in chalk.

We chose a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and peanuts with two scoops of Pistache and Bric-à-brac. And my did the nice server really know how to put a huge smile on my face with such generous scoops! Loved the pistachio nut-to-ice cream ratio and with the tiny biscuit bits in the Bric-à-brac, it was so goooooooood! Don’t you want to just eat that scrumptious looking thing out of the computer screen right now?

Our second one was the same cone with two scoops of Brou-ha-ha and Pralinée. While we did not know what Brou-ha-ha was and we just ordered it for the fun of it, it did turn out as a great match with the Pralinée albeit the intense sweetness due to the caramel and water was definitely necessary after we were done with this one.

So glad the weather permitted a trip down to Les Glaceurs. This brightly coloured place filled with displays of cupcakes, containers of gelati and prettily packaged macarons ready for takeaway is indeed a happy place to be in. A great pit stop for a sugar recharge and very satisfying for the sweet tooth in all of us.

Old Montréal
453 Rue St-Sulpice
Montréal, QC H2Y1S5

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Canada, Montreal

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