K ki ケーキ Cafe & The Little Drom Store

K ki Cafe & The Little Drom Store on Ann Siang Hill is probably one of the most known and popular ‘hidden find’ in Singapore! Opened by self-taught baker Kenneth Seah and his wife Delphine Liau, K ki (which literally means cake in Japanese) Cafe has also achieved for itself quite a reputation abroad as well having been featured in a couple of international publications.

This cafe sells an array of artisan cakes with a wide range of different flavours but staying true to their specialty of light and airy Japanese inspired mousse cakes. We came here on a Saturday afternoon for tea and was honestly quite spoilt for choice, faced with many displays of beautifully crafted and designed cakes in front of us. Delphine who was the lovely lady at the counter was quick to suggest a few of their popular items and even suggested the order in which we were to eat our cakes so as to not let the varying tastes and flavours overpower each other.

So the first creation we tried was the Kinabaru. Alternating layers of coconut mousse with passion fruit puree and a crunchy chocolate base, this is definitely not a usual combination of fruits in a dessert. However, the lightness of the coconut mousse that simply melts in your mouth with the sour twang of the passion fruit and the slight crunch of the base will indeed change your impression of this unlikely match that turned out more than compatible.

Next up was the Antoinette and Emily. The latter was only chosen because my friend insisted the bold red hues of the cake reminded him of Angry Birds and because of that, this cake was a must order!

The Antoinette was a white chocolate mousse with a mango centre. Affectionately named after The Little Drom’s Store owner- Antoinette, the first forkful of white chocolate mousse was incredible- extremely light, airy and not heavy at all unlike most white chocolate products. And the icing on the cake or rather the centre of the cake was reaching the mango puree part which was thick and luscious, this was seriously good cake.

The Emily aka the Angry Birds cake had a bright bold red exterior with a Champagne mousse and wild strawberry centre. The subtle Champagne taste and the sweetness of the strawberries was a celebration erupting with the taste buds. Definitely one to buy for the Valentine, your date will surely approve.

We had the Little Red Riding Hood last, probably because it was the richest and most overwhelming especially with the bitterness and intensity of the dark chocolate used in the mousse and the exterior. With its gleaming and shiny chocolate coat topped with a single fresh raspberry and a dust of icing sugar, it is not difficult to see why chocolate lovers call this a favourite. Using Michel Cluizel chocolates as a mark of quality, the Little Red Riding Hood can and probably will give most chocolate mousse cakes a run for their money. Not forgetting the lovely raspberry centre as a sweet contrast to the bitterness of the dark chocolate, this was indeed memorable.

K ki Cafe with its little connecting vintage drom store is fast capturing the hearts of many dessert lovers with their winning formula of Japanese baking techniques and emphasis on light mousse cakes that they have become so successful at making. This place is in a league of its own and Im sure with its uniqueness and experimental flair, it will be here to stay for a while.

7 Ann Siang Hill
Tel: 6225 6650

Tue–Sat: 12pm – 7pm
Sun: 1pm – 7pm
(Closed on Mon)


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  1. anonymous says:

    Antoinette is named after The Little Drom’s Store owner Antoinette, who is Kenneth’s & Delphine’s friend. :P

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