Daily Archives: June 27, 2012

Grin Affair @ 3 Everton Park

Located at the void deck of a HDB flat, Grin Affair is one to be elusive. You would almost never spot it or even pass by this place if you did not come here deliberately. We had heard many good things about Grin Affair for a while now and made a special trip down about a month back just to try out the cakes in jars. Unfortunately, the place was closed for the day and it was sort of a wasted trip. We were however not disheartened and this time, we made sure we called up a day prior and even made reservations for the specific cakes we wanted so as to avoid all forms of disappointment. We came very prepared.

Opened by environment enthusiast and self taught baker Jody Ang, the novel concept behind Grin Affair is in serving up cakes in glass jars unlike the conventional methods of serving a slice on a plate! Think of a parfait without the ice-cream, and instead, fresh ingredients of fruits, cake, nuts and even ganache used in the layers. Definitely a less messy affair when eating cake since it’s all compact and contained in a jar!

All 12 flavours offered at Grin Affair are displayed on homemade decorated boards in the shop, giving a very homey and rustic feel to the customer. Most of them are own creations by Jody and many get sold out pretty quickly so you might want to get in early if you have specific preferences of flavours you would like to try!

After much difficulty, we finally decided on 5 out of the 12 selections and the gang was getting very impatient holding their spoons in anticipation as I took my shots. Gotta give it to them for their self control and patience with me!