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Peperoni Pizzeria @ Greenwood

The casual dining sister arm of the Les Amis Group, Peperoni Pizzeria is notorious for their family sized XXL pizzas that is simply a party on a wooden board. It’s a family affair here at Peperoni Pizzeria as these ginormous pizzas are definitely for sharing and is indeed double the fun when everyone is fighting for one more slice of cheesy dough. With four branches all around Singapore (Greenwood, Binjai, Frankel and Zion), everyone is assured a bite of that authentic Italian wood-fired oven thin-crusted pizza that Peperoni Pizzeria does such a great rendition of!

Six of us patronized the Greenwood branch one Wednesday evening, which also happens to be the original outlet which first opened back in 2004.

We started off with an appetizer to share before diving straight for the pizzas for which we ordered the family XXL size for both!

The Funghi Portobello con Pollo $20 was actually a crumbed battered whole portobello which was deep fried and topped with a heap of caramelized onions and sautéed chicken fillets in red wine sauce.

Mushroom lovers will rejoice at this dish and non-mushroom fans will become converts. The portobello was thick and juicy while the sautéed chicken fillets and onions lent a subtle sweetness with the red wine sauce and added a softness to the crunch of the portobello exterior. We cleaned this up quickly, not even leaving a single onion strip left on the plate.

Recipe: Mini Nutella Chocolate Chip Cups

3 ingredients and NUTELLA! How can you say no to that?

When I first saw this recipe on Butterbaking, I knew I HAD to make it!

It was so simple- only 3 ingredients, 1 bowl, 6 min baking time and…

Did I mention it was only 3 ingredients??

The original recipe made much larger size cups like the regular muffin size.

That took 12 min.

I figured that 8 min would do the trick since I downsized and made minis instead.

But if I were to do it again, I think 6 min would be perfect.

It would be more gooey and definitely more indulgent.

Like I said, it is only 3 main ingredients- NUTELLA, eggs and flour.

But add some chocolate chips over the batter before you pop them into the oven.

Aesthetic reasons.

Actually no.

Because you get to bite into half melted chocolate when you eat these babies.

Late Plate @ Shaw Foundation Alumni House, NUS | NOW CLOSED

NUS students will be more than happy to know that one of the most currently talked about brunch bistros in Singapore is conveniently tucked away in the corner of level 1 of the Shaw Foundation Alumni House at the National University of Singapore (NUS) campus. With Australian Chef Roland Graham who has an impressive 35 years of culinary experience under his belt as the man behind the scenes, you know you are in good hands here at Late Plate.

Though only opened for barely a few months, Late Plate has already created for itself quite an impressive track record, serving up good all-day-breakfast food in sizeable portions at affordable prices with no extra GST and service charge. The bistro can get pretty crowded at lunch times and reservations are highly recommended especially for big groups. Alternatively, sitting al-fresco here can be a pleasant experience as well because the open area is largely shaded from the sun and relatively windy.

We came here for brunch on a Thursday and was greeted by a very friendly and personable lady at the counter who patiently and enthusiastically recommended certain ‘must-tries’ as well as what was popular here at Late Plate.

Eventually we decided on the Communal Dining Set for min 2 to dine which turned out to be awfully worth it. The communal set came with an individual soup + a salad to share + any main you choose (U.P. $12-16) + a dessert platter of 3 desserts to share and all for just $19.90 nett each!

This Cream of Carrot and Potato Soup is certainly the king of all cream soups. Comfort food at its best, this was soothing and warm with such rich carrot and potato puree flavour. It was not too filling or heavy either, making it a pleasure to drink right to the very last drop!

The ‘Porky’ On a Roll (original price $16.90) with honey glazed pulled pork ribs was supposed to be served on a baguette roll but the staff were flexible enough to allow me to change my type of bread to Dark Rye. The pulled pork ribs were delicious and each mouthful was bursting with flavour. The meat was so tender, sweet with the honey glaze and chewy, I enjoyed my sandwich very much. This also came paired with a handful of potato chips and homemade coleslaw.

Shima Restaurant @ Goodwood Park Hotel

Shima Restaurant @ Goodwood Park Hotel is one of the pioneer Teppanyaki Japanese restaurants in Singapore. While I am not too sure how long exactly this restaurant has been around for, I do know that my very first Teppanyaki memories were made here when I was just a little girl so I am just going to assume that it has been for quite a while.

Back in the day however, we did our own bbq-ing over the grill and used to come out of the restaurant smelling of charcoal and grilled meat. But now coming back here slightly more than 10 years later to celebrate my birthday, I realised that the place had changed quite a bit from the old settings that I was used to. For starters, the dining area had dimmer lighting and there were now special chefs to mend the iron griddle. I did appreciate the change of having chefs now because it was certainly entertaining watching their skilled maneuvers as they prepared the food, poured the sauces and did their magic to ensure that we were being served delicious grilled dishes for our main course.

The prices of the teppanyaki buffet lunch which we had were:

ADULT: $39.90++
CHILD: $24.00++

I believe the prices for dinner would certainly be more expensive due to a longer duration of 4 hours as compared to the only 2 we had for lunch.

To whet our appetites and while waiting for our chef to get his tools ready, we were served with a few appetizers first.

APPETIZER: Salmon Sashimi

While I was not a fan of sashimi, my sister who gamely finished all three serves, enjoyed it and said that it was sweet, fresh and sliced to just the right thickness.

APPETIZER: Prawn and Shishamo Tempura

Great batter used for the tempura that went well with the dipping sauce. I especially enjoyed the prawns while the shishamo had a slight fishy aftertaste. Or perhaps I just was not too used to eating fish with roe still intact.

APPETIZER: California Handroll

This was an optional item which meant that you had to order it or it would not be served!

An Evening at The ART with Chef Mark Laming

Chef Mark Laming, the executive sous chef of training at SATS Ltd, has been an active member of the training committee for the student chefs at The Assumption Training Restaurant (ART) here at Assumption Pathway School (APS). As a mentor enthusiast and keen teacher, Chef Laming conducted a pasta workshop for the students of The ART in a bid to expose them to new culinary skills and techniques. This workshop then culminated into a semi-buffet dinner in the evening where friends of APS and the public were invited to sample Mediterranean appetizers and delectable desserts put together by Chef Laming and his team as well as enjoy a main course of handmade and homemade pasta made by the student chefs.

We reached The ART early to capture behind-the-scenes footage as the students were taught personally by Chef Laming on how to make the pasta dough, knead the dough and finally use the hand cranked pasta machine to manually roll out the pasta dough and cut them into the fettuccine we were going to have for dinner.

And after watching the expert at work, it was time for the student chefs to take over and have their turn at using the hand cranked pasta machine and making pasta they could proudly call their own.