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It’s no big secret that Singaporeans love their ramen. Judging from the onslaught of ramen food chains that have been opening up everywhere across the island with most joints nearly and almost always full house during lunch and dinner times. Why, the most commercialized Ajisen Ramen at Takashimaya is even crowded at tea time! So when Marukin Ramen decided to open their 12th global outlet at the basement of Scotts Square, it came as no surprise that this Tokyo famous ramen chain-restaurant would be welcomed with open arms in our ramen-crazed country.

Armed with the secret weapon of serving up chicken-based soup broth for their ramen instead of the usual pork-based and drawing on the collagen richness of this special broth, Marukin Ramen is certainly a stand out from the rest. Our Muslim friends will also be happy to know that Marukin is in the process of getting Halal certification as well and when it is approved, they too will be able to enjoy a nutritious and delicious bowl of ramen here.

Starting with some appetizers and side dishes on the menu, the Marukin potato salad was definitely appealing in cuteness and colour. A sure hit with the kids, this salad of mashed potatoes was light, tasty and not too filling.

The Karaage (deep fried chicken), a usual suspect at most Japanese restaurants was fried to the right amount of crispiness and smelled really good when it arrived at our table. Unfortunately, we felt that a little too much oil may have been used and it tasted a tad too greasy.

Hiyayakko (Chilled Tofu with chilli soy sauce)
Marukin Gyoza (Homemade chicken dumpling)

Both very well executed sides with great flavour. I especially liked the Marukin Gyoza for its size and chewiness. While it isnt as flavoursome as the usual minced pork gyoza, it is certainly something different and unique to Marukin.

Deep fried vegetables in dashi broth was a mixture of cut colourful veggies such as sweet potato slices, tomatoes, cut potatoes, eggplant and bell peppers. While I only tried the sweet potato slices and cut potatoes, I was very pleased how those starchy veggies had soaked up the flavours of the dashi broth and made them very tasty!

Moving on to the highlight of the meal- the RAMEN!

Using the menu as a guide, the good people at Marukin Ramen had carefully tailored the four different types of soup broths with different ingredients and concocted the best ramen-soup combination for their customers.

Offering spicy and non-spicy versions of the following soup bases to specially cater to the Singapore market, we were fortunate to be able to sample the Shoyu Chicken White Soup, Shio Chicken White Soup, Miso Chicken White Soup and Shoyu Chicken Clear Soup at this tasting.

Literally meaning ‘Dipping Noodles’, this is not your usual ramen served in a single bowl. Instead, it is cold thick ramen noodles with Chicken Chaysu, Nitamago, Kikurage Mushrooms, Green onions and Sesame with Marukin Ramen’s famed warm dipping sauce on the side.

Fancy picking up a couple of strands of ramen noodles with your chopsticks and dipping it into the collagen rich warm bowl of broth. Delish! I had to be careful not to slurp up the noodles too quickly because it was really slippery and appetizing. Loved the dipping sauce which was so rich in flavour and also loved the benefits that my complexion was going to enjoy from all that collagen!

Next up, the Shoyu ISSAI-GASSAI! This is the ramen bowl that has almost everything! From succulent slices of Chicken Chasyu, Chicken meat balls, a piece of Chicken wing, Shrimp wanton, Nitamago, Kikurage mushrooms, Green Onions, a piece of freshly toasted Nori seaweed and a light dash of sesame seeds, it’s certainly goodness in a bowl. Hard not to be satisfied after this bowl that has everything!

The Shio Wakame & Corn Ramen is one for the vegetarians. What’s especially different about this ramen is the ultrathin noodles that were created and handmade by its in-house Soul Men (Sōmen) restaurant and noodle factory in Japan! Loved the sweetness of the corn with the Shio Chicken White Soup in this one!

Spicy Negi-Negi Shio Ramen is not for the faint hearted and certainly not for me but I am sure veggie lovers will dig and love. With a generous serve of Japanese Leeks, Kirurage Mushrooms, and an unimaginable amount of Green Onions in Shio Chicken White Soup, this is one for the Green Onions fan club.

As for something different.. Marukin Ramen also offers various types of rice bowls! We sampled the signature Tori Zukushi Donburi which is by far my ultimate favourite! The chicken chasyu had a great marinate and the shiitake mushrooms were juicy and tender. Together with Marukin’s homemade special sauce and shredded Nori, this was the perfect rice bowl that had us wanting for more.

So if my dear readers, you are now craving for some chicken based soup ramen after reading this entry and would love to drop by for a bowl, I have a special offer for you!

For the month of August, all you have to do is say “Marukin Ramen! OISHII!” when you order a main and you will get a FREE side of Deep Fried Vegetables in Dashi Broth!

So get on down to the basement of Scotts Square for a taste of Head Chef Tetsuya Tsuyuki’s famed 6-hour slow cooked chicken soup- the great alternative to your regular pork-based soup broth!

Thank you Athena, Ashley of The Brand Elixir and Marukin Ramen for the invite!

6 Scotts Road
#B1-11/12 Scotts Square
Tel: +65 6636 3468


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