An Evening at The ART with Chef Mark Laming

Chef Mark Laming, the executive sous chef of training at SATS Ltd, has been an active member of the training committee for the student chefs at The Assumption Training Restaurant (ART) here at Assumption Pathway School (APS). As a mentor enthusiast and keen teacher, Chef Laming conducted a pasta workshop for the students of The ART in a bid to expose them to new culinary skills and techniques. This workshop then culminated into a semi-buffet dinner in the evening where friends of APS and the public were invited to sample Mediterranean appetizers and delectable desserts put together by Chef Laming and his team as well as enjoy a main course of handmade and homemade pasta made by the student chefs.

We reached The ART early to capture behind-the-scenes footage as the students were taught personally by Chef Laming on how to make the pasta dough, knead the dough and finally use the hand cranked pasta machine to manually roll out the pasta dough and cut them into the fettuccine we were going to have for dinner.

And after watching the expert at work, it was time for the student chefs to take over and have their turn at using the hand cranked pasta machine and making pasta they could proudly call their own.

As for us, when the clock struck 7, we were treated to an assortment of appetizers to kick start our evening. Judging from the widespread selection and offerings on display, there was something for everyone to whet their appetites before the main courses were served.

Quintessential to any cold foods station, there were platters of cold deli cuts and smoked salmon that had been skillfully sliced and assembled. The vibrancy of the colours reflected the freshness of the ingredients used and it was certainly aesthetically pleasing and appealing to the senses.

But of course keeping to the Mediterranean theme of the evening, the chef and his team had also grilled some mixed vegetables with Haloumi cheese that had a wonderful contrast of textures with the toss up of crunchy peppers, zucchini, eggplant and sprinkle of pine nuts.

And if you were looking for something more substantial, thin crust pizzas topped with melted mozzarella, ham, olives and jalapeños that had been structurally cut to easy bite-sized portions were also available.

For the slightly more health conscious, simply toss up a salad at the salad station with the fresh lettuce, grated parmesan, bacon bits and sauce bowls of Caesar salad dressing or Basil Pesto all ready for your perusal. Soup cauldrons containing Herbal Chicken soup or Minestrone soup were also conveniently arranged next to the basket of baguettes, rolls and pita bread for a nice warm start to the evening.

Once you have had your fill with the appetizers, which to be honest, took quite a bit of self control to stop at, the student servers came around to take your order of pasta.

Each of us had a choice of either a Fettuccine Veal Ragu or Fettuccine Seafood.

The Fettuccine Veal Ragu had chunks of ground veal that had been well simmered as evident from the tenderness and juiciness of the meat.

While the Fettuccine Seafood which was more of a tomato-based pasta had well sized fresh prawns that were simply delightful.

It was however unfortunate that most of us had been so enthralled by the appetizer stations and went for multiple serves of pizzas, salads and bread rolls, that we were unable to finish our pastas which the good people in the kitchen had also been so generous with their portions for both pasta and ingredients.

Nevertheless, we each had our fill of pasta which we enjoyed before it was time to ‘tackle’ the mini dessert buffet, which was definitely tempting to say the least. Petits fours such as pastries, cakes and macarons were adorably arranged in tiny serve plates on the display counters and it was almost too easy to just take one of each in order to sample them all.

To top it all off, Chef Laming came out of the kitchen with new trays of desserts to refill the counters when they were almost cleared and some worthy mentions include a well caramelized Banana Crumble and Mango Pudding topped with pomelo bits. Kudos to the pastry team for all their efforts and great skill in putting together those mini desserts with such precision and intricacy.

And as compliments after dessert, each person was served either a cup of freshly ground coffee or hot tea to wind down and signal the end of the evening.

It was once more heartening to see how much the student chefs at The ART have learnt and progressed under the tutelage of the staff at The ART as well as generous celebrity chefs such as Chef Mark Laming who are so willing to make time to share their skills and knowledge with the eager minds of the students.

The public will be pleased to know that this semi-buffet dinner marks the start of a series of celebrity chef dinners to come as the student chefs here at The ART are encouraged to be exposed to various cuisines and pick up some tricks of the trade from the experts who have kindly offered their time.

And if you too would like to take part in such a dinner in the future and experience a well executed and satisfying meal at an affordable price of only $40nett (and of course Friends of APS only pay $35nett), simply click HERE to ‘LIKE’ their Facebook page for more updates.

The next dinner will be on September 14th and like this one, seats are only by reserved basis, with walk-ins not allowed. So get in fast!

The ART (Assumption Restaurant for Training)
Assumption Pathway School
30 Cashew Road
Singapore 679697


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