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The casual dining sister arm of the Les Amis Group, Peperoni Pizzeria is notorious for their family sized XXL pizzas that is simply a party on a wooden board. It’s a family affair here at Peperoni Pizzeria as these ginormous pizzas are definitely for sharing and is indeed double the fun when everyone is fighting for one more slice of cheesy dough. With four branches all around Singapore (Greenwood, Binjai, Frankel and Zion), everyone is assured a bite of that authentic Italian wood-fired oven thin-crusted pizza that Peperoni Pizzeria does such a great rendition of!

Six of us patronized the Greenwood branch one Wednesday evening, which also happens to be the original outlet which first opened back in 2004.

We started off with an appetizer to share before diving straight for the pizzas for which we ordered the family XXL size for both!

The Funghi Portobello con Pollo $20 was actually a crumbed battered whole portobello which was deep fried and topped with a heap of caramelized onions and sautéed chicken fillets in red wine sauce.

Mushroom lovers will rejoice at this dish and non-mushroom fans will become converts. The portobello was thick and juicy while the sautéed chicken fillets and onions lent a subtle sweetness with the red wine sauce and added a softness to the crunch of the portobello exterior. We cleaned this up quickly, not even leaving a single onion strip left on the plate.

And moving onto the pizzas…

Our first XXL Family Pizza was made up of 1/2 Funghi and 1/2 Pancetta for $50. We were all very surprised when this huge round pizza reached our table because the size was certainly something to behold. And with such mouthwatering toppings and two very yellow soft yolks staring at you, it’s simply hard to resist.

The Funghi was made up of 3 different types of mushrooms- button, shiitake & porcini. This one was bursting with flavour from A LOT of garlic added and I loved the mix of mushrooms. We are did agree however that a little less shiitake mushrooms would have been more ideal as it did contribute a slight bitter aftertaste.

Pancetta on the other hand, was cured bacon, sliced tomatoes & soft eggs. Very very salty and it was a good thing we only ordered 1/2 of it. A whole pizza of Pancetta would have definitely left us very thirsty the entire night with so much sodium in the cured bacon!

Yes, that’s a guy’s hand placed over the pizza to emphasize how big it really is!

And the one pizza you HAVE to order when you come here?

The XXL Family Pizza Prosciutto Crudo di Parma $50 which is basically just really really good Parma ham topped with a lot of rocket leaves to counter the saltiness. You cannot go wrong with this Chef’s special that embodies the true Italian experience when you bite into the thinly sliced cured ham atop the melted cheese on their signature thin crust. This was SO GOOD!

And when the bill arrived, we realised that the prices were nett with no service charge added! Another plus point for coming to this family restaurant. So if you are looking for authentic unpretentious and quality Italian food at very reasonable prices for a large group, you know where to come for a great experience without having to bust the wallet!

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6 Greenwood Avenue
Hillcrest Park
Tel: +65 6465 6556


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    OMG I see me!

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