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Recipe: Blueberry Cream Cheese Cupcakes

I had one too many funny reasons for making these pretty little things..

The first, I have been dying to use my newly bought orange polka dotted cupcake holders. The second, there had been a sale on blueberries in the market and I bought too many punnets, could not finish them and ended up having to put them into the freezer to increase their shelf life. And the third… I had a lot of cream cheese frosting left over from the time I made these Red & White Cake Pops for National Day!

Oh yes, and my hands were simply itching from not baking for the last 2 weeks.

Okay that was a lie because my younger brother just asked me at 8pm last night if I could bake something for his Teachers’ Day class party which was happening today. So, I whipped out my usual Double Chocolate Chip Fudgy Brownie which by the way, is now my go-to brownie recipe because everything is mixed, baked and washed up in an hour. And the result is a darn good brownie, if I may say so myself. Actually everyone else who has tried it has said so as well =P

But you can be your own judge and make it yourself. You’ll love it too.

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse Singapore

An established name in the world of premium steakhouses in Hong Kong, Wooloomooloo has just opened its first international branch here in Singapore, at level 3 of Raffles City Shopping Centre. And, unlike other fine dining steakhouses, Wooloomooloo prides itself as providing a more relaxed and casual experience for customers but a memorable one nonetheless.

That attitude however is not translated in their service and furnishing of the place. The good people at Wooloomooloo have spared no effort in the architecture of the restaurant. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows that span across the place and the charming view of the Singapore skyline and turn 9 of the Formula 1 race track, it comes as no surprise to hear that the restaurant has been a sellout and is fully booked during the three days of the night races.

Be greeted by the warm lights of the laid back lounge with its sofas and cushions for you to simply kick off those working shoes and enjoy the evening with some lovely Jazz tunes and a cocktail in hand. With experienced mixologists tending the bar, you are definitely in good hands.

I personally tried the Cool Mint Mocktail $10. A mix of lychee juice and mint which was simply refreshing and not too sweet. Loved how the mint was subtle and added the extra punch to the drink. Other house favourites include The Chocolate Martini $19 and the Lychee Rouge $19.

After pre-drinks, we were then moved to the semi-private dining area which hosted about twelve of us quite comfortably. The place can also be booked for functions or more intimate group gatherings.

First up were some complementary warm freshly baked Focaccia with caramelised onions and whipped butter served on the side. Loved the rustic presentation and how easily the bread knife cut through the Focaccia. You know it is always going to be a good evening when your tummy is first filled with warm fluffy bread.

The appetizers were then served.

If you are one for first impressions, then the aesthetically pleasing Jumbo Prawn Cocktail $29 will definitely whet your appetite. Large sized super fresh and firm peeled prawns dipped into a beautiful cocktail sauce made from a mix of Horseradish and sweet chilli. Add a squeeze of the lime and you are set.

Real Food @ 110 Killiney Road

A week of having burgers and fries almost everyday had my body screaming for a detox and some healthy foods for nourishment. And so I dragged my two carnivorous friends to Real Food for some organic, fresh, vego food that both theirs and my unhealthy digestive system would greatly appreciate and thank me for.

We paid a visit to the Killiney branch, their second outlet after the first at Clarke Quay was a resounding success. Real Food is a grocer, cafe and bookstore, that provides that all rounded wholesome healthy lifestyle experience. Using their spacious area to full advantage, the space is divided neatly into the bookstore section where one can browse through guide books on healthy living and cooking, a section with comfortable armchairs for the patrons who choose to relax over a freshly squeezed juice and of course the eating section.

The menu, printed on brown recycled paper has clear labels stating what is gluten-free, soy, wheat-free etc, perfect for individuals with special diets and allergies. Prices are reasonable when you take into account that only organic and fresh ingredients are used and everything such as the sauces and dressings are made from scratch. They are also nett with no service charge or GST though your orders are taken at the table and the food is served to you.

See also my list of 25 Places To Eat In Singapore with Nett Prices.

To start off, we had the Organic Sweet Potato Wedges $6.80. Simply baked sweet potatoes that were bursting with sweetness on its own. I might actually consider trading my good ol’ fries for this low G.I. starchy veggie which is definitely healthier and less harsh on my waistline.

I had the Fried Brown Rice $7.80 as my main and my did this smell so good when it first arrived. Stir-fried with garlic, capsicum, french beans, carrots and lentils, I loved how this dish was so colourful, vibrant and appetising even to look at! And it tasted great as well! It was hard to believe that this was a healthy plate of fried rice. I would definitely want to get my hands on this recipe and try to remake it on my own.

One friend chose the Baked Brown Rice with Mozzarella Cheese $13.80. Another bowl of warm wholesome goodness that came straight out of the oven with oozing melted cheese. Judging from how he enthusiastically scooped out every last grain of cheese covered brown rice, I am going to assume that this was pretty good..or maybe he was just hungry.. Just kidding!

SPRMRKT- Food. Retail. Art.

SPRMRKT which is actually SUPERMARKET spelt without the vowels, is a space that combines shopping, eating and even art appreciation all in one single visit. The brainchild of owners Joseph Yeo and Sue-Shan, SPRMRKT strives to provide you with a unique casual gourmet dining experience when you come here. The ingredients are fresh and dishes are made from scratch. And with a daily changing menu, you will definitely not get bored each time you visit.

We checked out their website for the menu before deciding which day we wanted to come down. After much deliberation (because there was something interesting served everyday), we decided on a Tuesday visit.

To start off, we had the Quinoa $11. The high protein grain which I grew to love back in Australia was tossed with a mix of french beans, carrots, garlic bits, mixed greens and extra virgin olive oil dressing. The crunchiness of the quinoa blended well with the garlic bits and dressing so well that a seemingly simple dish turned out so fresh, delicious and healthy tasting.

We were very fascinated by the Blackened Fish & Chips $17. Covered with squid ink batter instead of the usual white flour mixture, this was definitely eye catching with its jet black appearance. The batter was crisp and not oily at all while the white fish was so fresh. Accompanying the fish were some paprika seasoned shoestring fries as well that deserves a mention.

Two thumbs up for this BLACK Fish & Chips!

Henry Congressional @ 44 Holland Grove Rd | NOW CLOSED

A pop up cafe that specialises in coffee, tea, beer and home baked goods, Henry Congressional is definitely a unique concept you do not see often. Occupying one of the spaces at the ground level of the Henry Park Apartments, Henry Congressional stands out with its large wooden signboard and perhaps as one of the few shops that are still open. While many tenants have already moved out due to the impending enbloc come January 2013, the owners of Henry Congressional have instead gamely set up shop two months ago, hoping to reminisce in the last few months of the estate’s existence.

The decor of the little cafe is simple but adequate, with a couple of hanging light bulbs, a few tables and chairs for patrons and of course most importantly, that sturdy Espresso Speedster Coffee Machine responsible for their self-roasted specialty coffees.

But what stands out the most is what’s printed on the white-washed walls which you see the moment you push through the wire gauge doors and enter the store.

The true meaning of behind the name- Henry Congressional…

We came here for a quick bite and a cuppa on the way to church since we were still early. And my, does this place certainly have its fans because we could hardly find a seat when we came in. It is interesting to note that despite its relatively ‘ulu’ location, people actually do know about this place and bother to travel all the way just to check it out. The people at Henry Congressional must be doing something right.

The Skinny Latte $5 and their signature Pandan Chiffon Cake $4 come highly recommended. My two coffee connoisseurs who were with me could not stop raving about their coffee so I am guessing it must be really good. The Pandan Chiffon Cake which I did try was possibly one of the best I have ever had. I love old school pandan chiffon cake and have a soft spot for the homemade ones at old confectioneries so take my word for it when I say that this fluffy green pandan goodness is a must order when you come here.