Let’s Talk About FOOD! at 313@somerset

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In conjunction with the ongoing Singapore Food Festival, 313@somerset too is having its own Food Fest from 27 July- 31 August 2012, where shoppers can enjoy exclusive dining deals and fresh menu offerings at participating F&B outlets, be entertained by street performances and of course win some attractive prizes such as a new iPad worth $958!

Currently, the main promotion that 313@somerset is having for the Food Fest, is The Dining Wallet!

Photo credit to 313@somerset

What is The Dining Wallet?

  • The Dining Wallet is a collection of food vouchers/coupons colour coded for various meal options- SNACKS/DESSERTS, LUNCH, DINNER, DRINKS and 3 special GREY coupons ($10 Flyin’ Bread voucher + $5 Famous Amos Cookie voucher + $5 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf voucher)

Why should I buy one?

  • The food vouchers and coupons in The Dining Wallet are worth over $40 with more than 20 participating food outlets all around the shopping mall and you only have to pay $19 for it! That is more than 50% savings!!

How do I use it?

  • Simply present the appropriate coupon at the participating outlet at the appropriate meal time and enjoy the exclusive deal. For e.g. the LUNCH coupon can only be used between 11.30am-2.30pm while SNACKS/DESSERTS coupons can be used all day! However, do bear in mind that each coupon be used only ONCE!

How do I know which are the participating F&B outlets and what I can have for lunch or dinner or snack?

  • Each Dining Wallet comes with an information pamphlet (like the one below) that tells you specifically where and what you can eat at which places and how much it is worth too!

Sounds great! So where can I buy my own Dining Wallet to enjoy these discounts and special deals?

  • The Dining Wallet can be purchased from the 313@somerset Concierge located at B1.

Photo credit to 313@somerset

And here are the some of the foods you too will get to enjoy when you purchase the Dining Wallet!

All Salmon Platter ($9.40) from UMISUSHI, B3

6-in-1 Chicken Floss Pancake ($2.40) from JOLLIBEAN, B3

Small Wrap + Cookie ($7.40) from THE FLYIN’ BREAD, B3

Choice of any main course + drink ($15.40++) from PARADISE INN, B3

  • Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage and Mushroom
  • Stir-Fried Hor Fun with Beef
  • Braised Vermicelli with Seafood
  • Homemade Style Fried Vermicelli

The Handburger Original ($13.80++) from THE HANDBURGER, B2

Photo credit to 313@somerset

5 inch Margherita freshly baked pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil ($8.90++) from MALONES IRISH RESTAURANT AND BAR, L1

Photo credit to 313@somerset

Olive Fried Rice + Tomyam Seafood Soup ($12) from BANGKOK GEM, FOOD REPUBLIC L5

Tempted yet? You can find out more of 313@somerset’s latest promotions and happenings at their website HERE!

So get on down to 313@somerset today to get your very own Dining Wallet and START EATING! With so many great food deals, there is definitely something for everyone!

Thank you Janet of omy.sg and 313@somerset for the invite!


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