Weekend Brunch @ Open Door Policy (ODP)

Mandatory reservations, restricted two hour seating sessions and a very crowded atmosphere. There is after all, nothing less to expect of a Spa Esprit Group establishment- the very same people behind big names such as The Tippling Club, House Barracks, Skinny Pizza, Tiong Bahru Bakery and Forty Hands.

Meet Open Door Policy, a New York styled bistro nestled along Yong Siak Street in Tiong Bahru, the new revamped Indie and ‘hippie’ neighbourhood. The bistro prides itself on serving great food with a contemporary twist and the man behind these exclusive creations is none other than Chef Ryan Clift from The Tipping Club who played a leading role in writing the menu for ODP.

Walking in through the front doors is not the brightest experience. The first part of the restaurant is dim and more romantic. Walk towards the end and you walk towards the light, literally. The back part is almost like a glass house with clear glass panels as ceilings, allowing natural sunlight to brighten up the place without the heat, making it a lovely place for weekend brunch. Request for a seat at the back if you are coming in, you wont regret it.

ODP also serves coffee from the highly acclaimed specialty coffee roasters of Forty Hands. So honestly, what more can you ask for the perfect weekend spot to chill and relax?

Though we came in for a lazy late Saturday brunch at 1.30pm, we decided to try their lunch menu instead which is also available on weekends!

I had the Roasted Salmon with Panzanella Salad $25 but had the Panzanella salad changed to Rocket which explains the lack of colour in my dish. The waitress had reminded me that the kitchen usually serves their Salmon cooked Medium Rare and I gamely said it was fine. Big mistake. For someone who does not like sashimi, this was definitely not for me. While the portion was certainly generous and the skin was a lovely crisp, the centre part of the salmon was so pink, it tasted almost rare. Luckily, my dining partner offered to exchange mains with me when she saw my reaction once I had cut through the fillet on my plate.

The Pan Seared Sea Bass with Artichoke, Potatoes and Rocket salad $27 on the other hand was aesthetically pleasing and beautifully plated with all its elements. For starters, the sea bass was fresh, tender and so smooth with a contrasting crispy pan seared skin that was the perfect brown. The potatoes too were hand cut and fried right without being too oily. A great dish altogether with some rocket and artichoke tied in for added colour and saltiness.

We ordered the ODP pancakes with black berry and chocolate $18 + 1 scoop of homemade ODP Vanilla ice-cream $4 from the Weekend Brunch menu.

It looked decadent, tempting and absolutely sinful when the plate first reached our table but that was all. The pancakes were quite disappointing and I have had much fluffier and tastier ones. I was glad that we added the homemade ODP vanilla ice-cream however because it was good! Creamy, thick and just sweet enough, I loved it. The ice-cream probably was the saving grace of the heavy and somewhat thick almost starchy-like pancakes.

Overall, ODP was not as fantastic as I had hoped it was going to be or perhaps we were just unlucky in our menu selection so I would not be too quick to write it off just yet. And I still believe it is a good and nice place to chill because we ended up staying for a couple of hours chatting over pots of hot tea after we had finished with our brunch and it was relaxing and lovely. So if you do come down for weekend brunch or just lunch and try some amazing dishes, do let me know and I might just make a second trip down!

19 Yong Siak Street
Tel: +65 6221 9307

Lunch: 12-3:30pm
Dinner: 6pm-11pm
Brunch: 11am-4pm
(Saturday and Sunday only)
Closed on Tuesdays


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