MU Parlour @ Holland Village

While cafes, bars and restaurants in Holland Village are more commonly known for being loud, in-your-face and always crowded, MU Parlour is clearly the opposite. It’s white, chic, eclectic and whimsical, almost quite a different world when you climb up the stairs and enter the cafe on the 2nd floor. All the chairs and furniture here are clearly mismatched yet somehow still manages to tie in together almost perfectly with the quirky theme and white-washed brick like furnished walls.

The menu here is all about gourmet burgers and fries, cakes and pastries that they have on display and of course the very essential coffee and tea selection that is so important for a good afternoon.

I am not too sure if the lack of crowd was because the place is still relatively unknown but my friend and I were sure pleased with the quiet, space and the simple ability to hold a nice conversation without the need to shout over another person’s voice. And if you get a seat by the full glass window, it is also the perfect place to while the afternoon away by yourself with a book and a nice cup of tea.

We each got a gourmet burger and simply added an additional $8 to it for a cake + tea/coffee.

The first burger was Portobello, Beef Patty, Arugula, Horseradish $17 and their signature garlic fries.

I love tall burgers and this was real decent. The portobello was huge and almost the same size as the beef patty. It was so juicy and full of flavour- I am a big fan of portobello and this was cooked right. The patty on the other hand was marinated well but a tad salty when eaten on its own. So in order to enjoy the full burger experience, you have to somehow get a mouthful of everything and the flavours will balance themselves out with the subtle bitterness of the arugula and creamy horseradish sauce.

The garlic fries too were commendable. Real chopped garlic atop the golden brown fries that made it so satisfying to chomp down.

The next was Avocado, Streaky bacon, Beef Patty with MU secret sauce $15 and of course the garlic fries.

If you are a fan of avocado, then you will definitely love this. Creamy dollops of mashed avocado generously spread onto the beef patty till it was oozing out of the burger, together with the melted cheese and crispy bacon, this was indulgent and appetizing. And as my dining partner said, ‘There is only one way to eat this. With your hands!’ So dont bother with the knife and fork, just pick up the burger with your hands and get a good bite. It’s fulfilling the true burger experience.

Moving onto desserts.

The Passion Fruit and Raspberry Tart was certainly pretty and scored full marks in presentation with the little fresh raspberries lining the borders of the pastry. The passion fruit creme was smooth and easy to cut through. One problem though. This dessert was sour! And I mean really sour. While sourness is mainly subjective, the two of us did have relatively high thresholds yet we still could not finish this tart. The combination of the sour fresh raspberries and sour passion fruit was too much. Perhaps the passion fruit creme could have been a little sweeter to help ease some of the sourness.

The Double Chocolate Mousse Brownie was much better. With two contrasting soft, creamy and chocolatey mousse layers sitting on a brownie cake and covered with a shiny glaze of dark chocolate, this was quite good. Only complain was the dryness of the brownie. A little more moisture in the texture and this dessert would have been a winner overall.

I am indeed in love with MU Parlour and the vibe it gives. The staff too are not intrusive so really, it is a great place to relax and watch the world go by through the ceiling to floor glass window. I personally thought the burgers were better than the desserts but there are other selections on display which I will definitely try at my next visit. The tea cocktails on the menu also sound exciting and I think I am all ready to plan my second trip down already. How about you?

16A Jalan Mambong
Level 2 & 3
Tel: +65 6466 9336


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