Recipe: Red & White Cake POPs for Singapore’s 47th Birthday!

National Day this year is rather special to me.

Well for one, I finally get to spend it at home with my family after being away for the last 3 years.

I used to always take National Day for granted and never thought much of it…

Just that it was a holiday

And if we were lucky, we would get an additional off-in-lieu holiday the next day.

But ever since I went to Adelaide to study,

National Day became the one day we would be the most homesick.

We would spend 9th of August at a senior’s house with potluck Singapore dishes, crowding around the TV to watch the live broadcast of the National Day Parade, get all emotional and homesick, before ending off the night k-boxing to National Day songs and almost always tearing when ‘Home’ was played.

So this year being my first time in 3 years that I finally get to spend National Day at home.

I wanted to do something special.

I wanted to make something special.

I wanted to be all patriotic and Singaporean because I couldnt be for the last 3 years.

I wanted to commemorate the RED and WHITE and be proud to be a Singaporean.

I wanted to make these RED and WHITE cake POPs as a symbol of how much I missed being in Singapore on National Day.

I wanted to make these RED and WHITE cake POPs for my girls back in Adelaide whom I know really want to be back home with their families as well.

So I made these cake POPs with no recipe at all and from scratch

After watching several YouTube videos and learning the theory of it.

The rest were all instincts and luck and just pure love.

They say when you put a lot of love or effort into a dish, the efforts really show.

I never quite understood that, until I made these cake POPs.

And I am proud of them.

I really am.

Because I am an amateur baker.

And while this took me one whole day to complete

Literally from 11am-11pm

The end product did resemble how a normal cake POP would look like.

The intention was to make a red velvet interior and white chocolate covering sprinkled with stars as a tribute to the flag

But I decided to save time and simply bought a White Cake Mix and added cherry red food dye and cocoa powder for a deeper red.

And to my dismay, my little container of mixed sprinkles had hearts, butterflies, daises, circles…

But no stars :(

So I made do with what I had and used all of those sprinkles instead.

Made a couple of dark chocolate covered cake POPs too because I found the white chocolate ones a tad too sweet.

They did not turn out as pretty as the white ones though…



I am really happy to celebrate your birthday at home.


  • 1 box of white cake mix (makes 40 cake pops)
  • 1 container of ready-made cream cheese frosting
  • 40 lollipop sticks
  • 2 cups of white/dark chocolate chips for melting
  • Sprinkles (optional)
  • 1 egg carton with holes poked into them/ 1 styrofoam board


  1. Follow the instructions on the cake mix box and bake your cake (you might only want to use 1/2 the mix if 40 cake pops are too much for you)
  2. Take the cake out of the oven and allow it to cool completely
  3. Now comes the fun part: break the cake into a big bowl and mash it up with your fingers until it becomes as fine as crumbs
  4. Next, take about 2-3 tbs of frosting per 1/2 cake and mix it up with the crumbed cake in the bowl
  5. Once the frosting has been thoroughly mixed, use a scoop to pick up a tablespoon of frosted cake and roll it into a ball with your hands (you will know if you had added too much or too little frosting if the ball does or does not stay in shape)
  6. When all the balls have been rolled and arranged on a plate, melt some chocolate in a cup and dip the lollipop stick into it before sticking it into the ball (very important! or the stick will not stay in your cake pop and slide out!)
  7. Put the plate of cake pop balls with the sticks already stuck in, into the freezer or fridge for a couple of hours to allow it to set
  8. Once it has set, take the plate out, melt 2 cups of chocolate chips in a tall cup to make dipping easier
  9. Dip the cake pop into the cup of chocolate and swirl to allow the excess chocolate to drip off
  10. Stick the cake pop into an egg carton with holes already cut into them or a styrofoam board and allow it to dry completely
  11. If you are using sprinkles, add them straight away before the chocolate dries completely
  12. Allow the cake pops to set and harden overnight for best results
  13. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to Recipe: Red & White Cake POPs for Singapore’s 47th Birthday!

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  2. Alicia says:


    Great blog by the way. Just thought I’d share this cake pop company in Singapore called Moofy Pops who created Majulah Singapura!! cake pops! :)

    They were really cute!

    Keep up the great blog!


  3. Shine Lee says:

    Hi, can I know where did you get your ready-made cream cheese frosting from?

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