Food For Thought @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

The mission of Food For Thought Cafe has always been to serve food for a good cause, of which one of their main goals is to raise funds for the provision of clean water to third world countries. Recently, they have just moved from their original location at North Bridge Road to a much bigger one at the Singapore Botanic Gardens which can now accommodate more than a hundred people with both outdoor and indoor seating. The premises are spacious with bar counter chairs, long communal tables and regular sized tables, just few of the many seating options you have when you come here. Not forgetting the huge running space and playground for the kids just outside the cafe, FFT at the Singapore Botanic Gardens is the perfect spot for families, couples and large group gatherings.

The two of us dropped by one Tuesday afternoon before our movie at Shaw Lido for brunch and as the place was relatively empty, we had free reign to choose where we wanted to sit. Unlike the FFT at Queen Street or the North Bridge branch, orders are made self service at the counter where you pay upfront as well. After which, you return to your seat and the food will be served to you. The bonus? No extra service charge on your bill!

We started off with The Duo of Pancakes with Granola, Fresh Cream and Gula Melaka $12. Everyone knows that pancakes are a must-order here at FFT because it is definitely one of the better pancakes in Singapore. I find it especially unique that Gula Melaka is used in place of regular maple syrup or honey but with the rich and thick texture of the palm sugar syrup soaking through the fluffy pancake, this unique combination is certainly a great one.

The Fried Chicken Wings at 3 for $5 were pretty much a steal but taste wise, they were nothing much to shout about. I still think the best fried chicken wings are those at IKEA!

And of course, I never say no whenever I see pulled pork on the menu. This Cuban Ham Pulled Pork Burger with Caramelized Onions and BBQ sauce $12 was slightly messy to eat. While the Cuban ham was tasty and salty enough, blending well with the sweetness of the pineapple in the burger, the pulled pork was a tad dry and had not adequately soaked up the meat juices which was a pity because had the meat been a little more moist, this burger would have been quite amazing.

Ending off with FFT’s iconic and famous Old Fashioned Southern Red Velvet Cake $5 which was stunning with its alternate layers of red cake and cream cheese, topped off with chocolate shavings. I absolutely loved how the cream cheese oozed out while digging your fork into the cake for a bite. Although personally, I felt that the red velvet cake was not moist enough, the cream cheese did make up for it and complimented the cake perfectly. Special mention to the rose coloured chocolate shavings at the top which were really the ‘icing’ on the cake.

The folks at FFT could not have chosen a better location for their newest branch. Set amidst one of Singapore’s largest leisure gardens where the locals love to come for a walk, jog or simply enjoy what the grounds has to offer, FFT is the perfect stopover for breakfast after exercise or simply an ice cold drink to cool down in this humid weather. Judging from the large crowds that swarm the cafe over the weekends, it’s no secret the FTT is fast becoming a favourite with its decent food at decent prices and convenient location.

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Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Road
#B1-00 Singapore 259569
T: 6338 4848


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