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Tucked away in the corner of level 4 of one of Singapore’s busiest and biggest shopping malls, Ion Orchard, within Prologue Bookstore is an F&B subsidiary of Popular Holdings Limited- Epilogue Café. The answer to every bookworm’s dream, Epilogue Café offers readers an opportunity to pick up their favourite book and enjoy it over a good brew of coffee or tea. While Ion Orchard is hardly the place you would first think of when a quiet, peaceful sanctuary is required, this cafe offers just that very experience in the midst of a very bustling Orchard Road.

My friend and I were invited down to Epilogue Café for an afternoon of quiet indulgence as well as to sample some of their signature creations and beverages that patrons too can enjoy while they are here.

Furnished with vibrant coloured red and black velvet-like armchairs with by-the-window options that offer a great view of the busy streets of Orchard (one can only imagine how beautiful it will be at nights when the streets are all lit up), the drill is simple- browse through the menu on the screens or be tempted by the delectable treats they have on display, place your order at the counter and make your payment at the same time. The food will be served to your table.

We were first treated to their Soup of the day which was French Onion Soup. Taking the first spoonful of this soup, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted. There was a generous serve of caramelized onions at the base with adequate reduction of the soup, allowing the sweetness to flow through without being too thick or watery. Dipping the croutons at the side into the soup was a great pairing.

Next was the Beef Pastrami Sandwich. For starters, the serving was definitely huge and not for the fainthearted. Loved how the chef had actually stacked my sandwich with pieces of the delicatessen meat and topped it off with a thick layer of melted cheese. Comfort food oh yeah! The bread was nicely buttered and toasted and overall, it was a very hearty, filling and satisfying sandwich.

The Chicken Rendang Sandwich definitely caught our attention and the server at the counter informed us that this was a favourite with customers! I have to say that the chicken rendang was indeed nicely marinated and stewed till it was both flavoursome and tender. However, I would have preferred a better rendang to bread ratio as I did not think that the meat serve was enough for the large size of the bread. And of course, a spicier option for chilli-lovers would have been greatly appreciated!

The Ultimate Beef Meatballs Pasta was unfortunately not too impressive. There was a lack of punch in the Bolognese sauce while the meatballs was lackluster as well. I would certainly recommend skipping the pastas and ordering the sandwiches instead.

And finally ending off on a sweet note, we tried their Signature Affogato that was definitely deserving of having the Signature title. Even for a non-coffee drinker like me, I loved how the extreme sweetness of the Vanilla ice-cream balanced out the bitterness of the espresso shot so well that it just tasted like a great dessert altogether. This is a must-try and my favourite.

My friend could not resist having a cup of their Latte and commented that it did hit all the right notes with a relatively decent latte art ‘leaf’ to top it off. So reading that book over a cuppa here is definitely a viable option.

Overall, I had a great afternoon and can certainly see myself coming back here for some quiet me time, with a book in hand and a cup of tea as accompaniment. I was impressed with the standard of food served at this little bistro particularly because there was not much of a kitchen space, yet they could still produce such aesthetically looking and great tasting food. Definitely not an easy feat but they managed it. Kudos to the two staff working who were clearly shorthanded when more people came in at lunch hour but they maintained their smiles and efficiency throughout, which was commendable.

Do drop by to check out this lovely space which they have created within Prologue Bookstore and enjoy an afternoon of serenity with a friend or even by yourself.

And if you are coming down for a meal, go for their current promotion set meal where you get to enjoy their soup of the day + any choice of sandwich (except the smoked duck) + their signature affogato for just $16!

Thank you Maye and Silin of Right Brainwave Pte Ltd and Epilogue Café for the invite!

2 Orchard Turn
#04-16 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
Tel: 6465 1477

Opens daily: 10:30am – 10:00pm


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