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A week of having burgers and fries almost everyday had my body screaming for a detox and some healthy foods for nourishment. And so I dragged my two carnivorous friends to Real Food for some organic, fresh, vego food that both theirs and my unhealthy digestive system would greatly appreciate and thank me for.

We paid a visit to the Killiney branch, their second outlet after the first at Clarke Quay was a resounding success. Real Food is a grocer, cafe and bookstore, that provides that all rounded wholesome healthy lifestyle experience. Using their spacious area to full advantage, the space is divided neatly into the bookstore section where one can browse through guide books on healthy living and cooking, a section with comfortable armchairs for the patrons who choose to relax over a freshly squeezed juice and of course the eating section.

The menu, printed on brown recycled paper has clear labels stating what is gluten-free, soy, wheat-free etc, perfect for individuals with special diets and allergies. Prices are reasonable when you take into account that only organic and fresh ingredients are used and everything such as the sauces and dressings are made from scratch. They are also nett with no service charge or GST though your orders are taken at the table and the food is served to you.

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To start off, we had the Organic Sweet Potato Wedges $6.80. Simply baked sweet potatoes that were bursting with sweetness on its own. I might actually consider trading my good ol’ fries for this low G.I. starchy veggie which is definitely healthier and less harsh on my waistline.

I had the Fried Brown Rice $7.80 as my main and my did this smell so good when it first arrived. Stir-fried with garlic, capsicum, french beans, carrots and lentils, I loved how this dish was so colourful, vibrant and appetising even to look at! And it tasted great as well! It was hard to believe that this was a healthy plate of fried rice. I would definitely want to get my hands on this recipe and try to remake it on my own.

One friend chose the Baked Brown Rice with Mozzarella Cheese $13.80. Another bowl of warm wholesome goodness that came straight out of the oven with oozing melted cheese. Judging from how he enthusiastically scooped out every last grain of cheese covered brown rice, I am going to assume that this was pretty good..or maybe he was just hungry.. Just kidding!

The Mushroom Aglio Olio $7.80 appeared plain and not very interesting. Looks however can be pretty deceiving as we soon found out. This pasta tossed in garlic and olive oil with sautéed wild mushrooms was light, not oily but still pretty tasty. In fact, I did like it very much because of the subtle flavour and simplicity.

And because it is tradition to always end the meal on a sweet note, we ordered the Strawberries and Bananas Pancake $9 with Mango Coconut Sorbet $5 on the side. This pancake was not your usual fluffy, light pancake because it was actually made from a gluten/wheat-free batter which produced a denser and heavier result. The batter mixture is also made from scratch the moment you order it so be prepared to wait quite a bit for this dish. Otherwise, be awed by how pretty it is, decorated with slices of strawberries, bananas and drizzled with organic raw honey. Go for the extra scoop of sorbet on top of it, it is a real great combination.

Overall, because of its dimmed lighting that made it extra comforting, this place is a picture of zen and a sense of peace when you walk in. We did end up staying for about four hours here enjoying the atmosphere and calming feel of the place..actually it was because we could not leave the cafe as it started raining cats and dogs outside in the middle of our meal and neither of us had a brolly. Nonetheless, we had an enjoyable stay and this place is a great find for affordable, organic and healthy food. I will be back when I am in need of my next detox.

110 Killiney Road
Tel: +65 6737 9516

Opening Hours
Mon–Sun: 10am – 10pm


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