Wooloomooloo Steakhouse Singapore

An established name in the world of premium steakhouses in Hong Kong, Wooloomooloo has just opened its first international branch here in Singapore, at level 3 of Raffles City Shopping Centre. And, unlike other fine dining steakhouses, Wooloomooloo prides itself as providing a more relaxed and casual experience for customers but a memorable one nonetheless.

That attitude however is not translated in their service and furnishing of the place. The good people at Wooloomooloo have spared no effort in the architecture of the restaurant. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows that span across the place and the charming view of the Singapore skyline and turn 9 of the Formula 1 race track, it comes as no surprise to hear that the restaurant has been a sellout and is fully booked during the three days of the night races.

Be greeted by the warm lights of the laid back lounge with its sofas and cushions for you to simply kick off those working shoes and enjoy the evening with some lovely Jazz tunes and a cocktail in hand. With experienced mixologists tending the bar, you are definitely in good hands.

I personally tried the Cool Mint Mocktail $10. A mix of lychee juice and mint which was simply refreshing and not too sweet. Loved how the mint was subtle and added the extra punch to the drink. Other house favourites include The Chocolate Martini $19 and the Lychee Rouge $19.

After pre-drinks, we were then moved to the semi-private dining area which hosted about twelve of us quite comfortably. The place can also be booked for functions or more intimate group gatherings.

First up were some complementary warm freshly baked Focaccia with caramelised onions and whipped butter served on the side. Loved the rustic presentation and how easily the bread knife cut through the Focaccia. You know it is always going to be a good evening when your tummy is first filled with warm fluffy bread.

The appetizers were then served.

If you are one for first impressions, then the aesthetically pleasing Jumbo Prawn Cocktail $29 will definitely whet your appetite. Large sized super fresh and firm peeled prawns dipped into a beautiful cocktail sauce made from a mix of Horseradish and sweet chilli. Add a squeeze of the lime and you are set.

Next up was a Spanish Ham Selection $38 served with sun dried tomatoes, olives, artichokes, piquillo peppers with Feta cheese & focaccia crackers. The platter is basically a sampler of an aged 20-24 months Torreon, Salamanca, 100% Iberico and an aged for 30-36 months, Bellota Reserva. I personally felt that the older cured ham had a subtle bolder flavour and a firmer texture which did not tear apart quite as easily as the former but both still had the right amount of saltiness.

Sashimi lovers will totally dig this Tuna & Spanner Crab Tartare $29. A stunning mount made from a base of avocado, orange, shallot & coriander topped with sweet spanner crab & sashimi-grade tuna with a dollop of sour cream & salmon roe. The key to truly appreciating this dish is in taking your fork and mixing it all up to get that lovely combination of flavours where you get to taste a little bit of everything in your mouth.

And moving onto the main stars of the night and what Wooloomooloo does best.

It is important to know that the steaks here have been specially handpicked & cut in house before being seared on their 1800°F broilers which is perfect for the Medium Rare state that the steaks are usually served in here. You can of course request for a Medium or even Well Done if that suits your palate more. I am sure the chef will be more than happy to accede to your requests.

We tried a 150-day grain fed, 2-3 weeks wet aged Rib Eye (12-ounce) $74 from the USDA Prime Beef Selection.

This was juicy and packed with flavour. The high intramuscular fat content of the steak was evident, making it a pleasure to chew and enjoy every moment of it.

All steaks are served with the following four sauces:

  • Au Jus
  • Peppercorn
  • Mushroom
  • Red Wine Madeira

While the steaks are probably already delicious enough on their own, I would personally recommend the Peppercorn sauce which dresses the steak just right without overwhelming the original flavour too much.

Next was the 70-day grain fed young Black Angus beef, 2-3 weeks wet aged Tomahawk $125 from the Australian Black Angus Beef Selection which is definitely eye catching and a hot favourite at the restaurant judging from the number of rib bones we saw being served out from the kitchen

Also done Medium Rare, I did prefer this one which was slightly tougher and done just the way I like my steaks. However, the consistency of the doneness throughout the Tomohawk was a little off which could have been an issue due to how huge the steak was. But if you are sharing this one and your party prefers varying levels of doneness then this is definitely for you.

Trying out some sides from the menu…

Ordering the Grilled Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce $16 would certainly add some greens to your meal and your nutritionist would approve.

The Sautéed Kipfler Potatoes $14 is a must-order here! Very tasty and flavoursome. Could have easily polished this one all by myself but of course sharing always makes food more delicious.

Creamy Corn $12 was just as its name suggests, absolutely creamy and sweet.

And onto my favourite part of the meal always..the desserts!

Was never a fan of Bread & Butter Pudding $16 but Wooloomooloo’s rendition of it made me a convert. Freshly baked vanilla bread pudding, pastry cream, homemade praline & classic vanilla gelato was a great combination without it being too heavy. Yes somehow I still found space in my tummy to have a huge serving of this.

I was surprised that Pavlova was on the menu because it is not very common in Singapore as compared to back in Australia where I have tasted some of the best. The Pavlova $18 served with Chantilly cream, fresh fruits & passion fruit coulis was very pretty to look at and fulfilled how a pavlova is supposed to be with its hard crisp exterior and soft slightly gooey very sweet interior. I was not such a fan of the tangyness and sourness of the passion fruit coulis however which I felt was a little too over the top.

Unlike usual cheesecakes served at most restaurants, the Wooloomooloo Cheesecake $18 is made of traditional uncooked Philadelphia cheese with red berry compote & yoghurt sorbet. Loved unbaked cheesecakes and this was good.

Overall, Wooloomooloo Steakhouse has the whole package going for them. It is the perfect location for intimate gatherings, parties or even business lunches with a wide selection of gourmet wines and great steaks and of course that magnificent view to boast about. The service too is meticulous without being too intrusive so you know you will be well taken care of when you dine here and that was exactly how I felt during my visit.

Thank you Veronica and Joyce for the warm hospitality and the invite!

2 Stamford Road
Level 3
Singapore 178882
Tel: +65 6338 0261


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