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TungLok Bloggers’ Cooking Party with Star Chefs of The Year @ My Humble House

A heavyweight in both authentic and modern Chinese cuisine, with more than 40 over restaurants spanning 5 countries, the TungLok Group has certainly come a long way since it was first established back in 1984.

The mastermind behind household names such as TungLok Signatures, Ruyi, Lao Beijing and Zhou’s Kitchen, this distinguished dining group has proven its versatility in not only fine dining but also catering to the masses with slightly more affordable fare.

I had the opportunity to attend a cooking demonstration conducted by Senior Executive Chef Ken Ling and Executive Chef David Liew who both boast an astounding 20+ years of culinary experience. These star chefs have been conjuring out high quality recipes and serving out delicious dishes that have tantalized the taste buds of many patrons over the years of working with the TungLok Group. It was certainly our good fortune to be able to watch these experts firsthand doing what they do best!

The cooking demonstration took place at My Humble House, located at an almost isolated corner of Esplanade Mall. Discovering this place is almost like uncovering a hidden gem. With comfy luxurious suede tall back chairs and full length ceiling to floor glass windows that span the restaurant which unravels the gorgeous Singapore skyline, it is no wonder that My Humble House is prided as the group’s first artistic restaurant.

Because a group of us arrived early, we were treated to some of My Humble House’s offerings specially prepared for us as canapes. The Hainanese Chicken Rice was served Nigiri style and the chicken broth-ed rice with the chicken breast was held together with a strip of Nori. With that dollop of ‘chicken rice’ garlic chilli, this canape was bursting with flavour in the mouth! Move aside chicken rice balls, chicken rice nigiri is the new ‘it’ thing!

The Siew Mai on the other hand was a hot favourite and the servers had to keep refilling our Siew Mai portions because it was simply so good and I am not even a Siew Mai fan. The ones here at My Humble House were so bouncy and fresh without that ‘porky’ aftertaste that I usually dread with Siew Mais. I hope they have this on the menu because I will be back for it!

Moving onto the demonstration proper…

Senior Executive Chef Ken Ling and Executive Chef David Liew promptly started on their first dish and it was interesting to watch the teamwork at play as both chefs worked together harmoniously and efficiently.

Fun fact: Notice the two different coloured chopping boards? The red one is for cutting meats while the green is for fresh produce like veggies. This practice is also kept in the TungLok kitchens as well to ensure hygiene and food safety!

Launch of Sparkling Wine Jaillance‏ in Singapore

A good party is always accompanied by good wine. It’s just something about alcohol that enlivens the mood and makes your head that bit lighter, allowing you to better enjoy the party. But of course, you just want the glass of bubbly to set the tone of the evening without being too over the top.

Here’s introducing France’s bestselling Sparkling Wine Jaillance‏ that will be launching in Singapore at the end of the year with two different sparkling wine offerings- the brut Sémillon from Bordeaux and the demi-sec Muscat, Clairette from Die, which is timely for customers to purchase this bottle of bubbly for your upcoming Christmas and New Year parties- all in the name of festive cheer!

Mr Oliver Campos, Business Manager of Asia-Pacific, UK and Scandinavia explains that the shift in wine consumption over the recent years has been from reds and whites to sparkling wines. And sparkling wine consumption is predicted to rise by 12% in the next four years, signalling the trend of sparkling wine being ‘the next big thing’.

We had a chance to sample these sparkling wines with some home-style French bistro classics provided by Balzac Brasserie as accompaniment at a recent media preview to see what the fuss was all about with France’s no. 1 producer of Sparkling Wine!

The Fabulous Baker Boy @ Viridian Art House

It is yet another great find here at The Foothills where the recently opened The Fabulous Baker Boy (TFBB) sits in The Viridian Art House. A largely al-fresco space with rustic wooden crate-like furniture and brightly coloured cushions thrown on the random sofa chairs that generally make up the facade of this place, it’s comfort dining in your flip-flops and shorts with the beautiful breeze that blows through this totally chilled and laid back scene. Coupled with the open green spaces of grass and trees all around for kids to run about as you watch them from your seat, this place is also very family friendly.

A wide selection of various beautifully created layered cakes are on display every single day and you will definitely see The Fabulous Baker Boy himself, owner- Juwanda Hassim, working his magic at the semi open concept kitchen, cutting a cake he had just baked or preparing for his next baking project.  A very passionate baker who first started his business from the kitchen of his home, he has certainly come a long way since then with this cafe right here.

Cake choices include the usual hot favourites of Red Velvet and Carrot Cake, and with more exotic flavours like Salted Caramel, Spiced Apple Cake or Green Tea Praline, it is almost assured that you will be spoilt for choice especially when everything looks so decadent, delicious and lush.

Coffee lovers too can look forward to a good brew here when the barista himself, Haryanto Soemito, owner of the now defunct Pause Cafe, is on site to work his Expobar Expresso machine and pour out a decent latte art for you. | The Gourmet Chocolates Tasting Experience

Chocoholics and chocolate lovers rejoice! Because now you can actually have gourmet chocolates delivered right to your doorstep once a month to satisfy their sweet tooth craving of yours!

Boxup works like your usual magazine, newspaper, Bellabox or Vanity Trove subscription service. Simply pay an affordable subscription fee over a time period of e.g. one year and just anticipate that delivery to arrive at your doorstep every month!

And the best part is that no two boxes that you receive during that time period will be the same. With the chocolate experts at Boxup who only pick out the best chocolates to be put into your box each month, you can be assured of a sweet chocolatey surprise each time you receive your box!

Weekend Brunch @ Cocotte, Wanderlust Hotel

By definition, Cocotte refers to ‘a small fireproof dish in which individual portions of food are cooked and served‘. It is in Singapore however, a quaint little French restaurant situated at the lobby of Wanderlust Hotel along Dickson Road. While it is certainly not one of the easiest locations to reach by public transport and even by foot, I can assure you that the trip is definitely worth every step.

No stranger to the French cuisine scene in Singapore and known for serving up authentic, unfussy and traditional French food, Cocotte- Communal | Restaurant | Bar is committed to quality and taste. With Head Chef Anthony Yeoh at the helm, you know you are in for a gastronomical French treat when you dine here.

We came here on a Saturday afternoon to try out their relatively new weekend brunch menu and were pleasantly surprised that only a few tables were occupied. I loved the layout of the place, which was rustic and charming with little touches of purple coloured Baby’s Breath in our cutlery containers and vases at the window panes. Checkered or striped napkins dressed the plates with a minimal touch and colourful stainless steel chairs gave a burst of sunshine to the overall scheme. It was certainly a delight just being here and sitting by the windows with the morning rays shining through. The people here at Cocotte definitely got the brunch mood set right even before the food is served.

A quintessential item to the French in the mornings is their bread. And so we paid tribute to their tradition by starting with a Mixed Basket $12 that came with a choice of one artisanal jam (request for any extra and it is $3 each). The brown woven serving basket had three miniature Pain Au Chocolat and Croissants. After taking a bite of these fluffy viennoiseries, I have to say that they were by far one of the best I have had and commensurable with the much applauded croissants at Tiong Bahru Bakery. This is a must order here at Cocotte if you love French bread and even if you dont.

The Croque Madame $18 was simply scrumptious with that half cooked yolk of the sunny-side egg sitting atop the two layers of brioche served on a wooden board.