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Award winning record company label and now restaurant cum patisserie. High Society has certainly come a long way since it was founded by That CD Shop back in 2006. You have probably seen their gorgeous display of artisan cupcakes and beautifully crafted cakes and tarts at the counters of High Society Mansion in Pacific Plaza or while you were walking past the High Society Cafe in Marina Bay Sands. Either way, these delectable treats are definitely showstoppers for adults and kids alike.

It is said that the cupcakes are such crowd-pleasers and have an incredibly high turnover rate that they do not stay on display for more than 24 hours because they are simply sold out before that. With names such as Flirt (coffee cake with coffee custard and coffee butter cream), Fantasy (green tea and passion fruit), Passion (pistachio raspberry cake with pistachio and raspberry butter cream) and the ever classic Red Velvet, these cupcakes are simply irresistible.

But what you probably did not know is that High Society also has a team of culinary experts in their kitchen churning out some fine dishes as well. With a seasonal menu that changes every 3 months and a standard one that boasts a rather extensive selection of pastas, gourmet sandwiches and mains such as Oxtail Stew, Duck Confit and Angus Ribeye, High Society is certainly not pulling any stops here as they strive to offer great food, sweet treats and lovely tunes for their customers.

With theme colours of gold and royal red, velvet upholstered dining chairs and couches and marbled floors, dining here at High Society is almost intense and elaborate. But it’s not all chi-chi and uppity, and is instead all about bringing that visual, tasty and auditory experience to the diner and enjoying the good life.

We had the opportunity to sample both their seasonal (autumn) and regular menu at this tasting.

The first was a Crab Caesar starter. Chilled crabmeat pieces with cherry tomatoes, pinenuts and croutons in the mix, this cold salad was a crunchy and refreshing start to the evening.

Truffle Fries with Aioli is always a delight to have at the table. The perfect snack to munch on while waiting for the mains to arrive. While this was not your regular crisp fries, I did enjoy this because I like my fries a tad soggy. Somehow the fries soak up the salt a little more and makes it tastier. Yes, I am a little odd that way…

The mains soon started to arrive.

I had my eyes on the Duck Confit which was served with carrot puree instead of the regular mashed potatoes. Loved the colours of this dish and how appetising it looked. And true to its appearances, the skin of the duck was rightfully crisp without being too oily while the meat was well poached until it was oh so tender. The only gripe I had was that the chef may have rubbed a tad too much salt while curing it but nonetheless one of better Duck Confits I have had.

The Summer Seafood Laksa Spaghetti was an example of their fusion dishes. Served with pan seared scallops and very fresh firm tiger prawns, this was a surprisingly good twist on our local delight. I enjoyed the distinct laksa taste which was rich, slightly sweet and spicy at the same time. While it was a little on the oily side, this was certainly one unique dish.

The Steak Frites was a 200 days grain-fed Angus Ribeye steak with Red Wine sauce served with fries from their seasonal menu. Cooked Medium rare, the meat was juicy, easy to cut through and a good match for the red wine sauce.

Another seasonal special, the Lamb Shank was my favourite overall. The generous amount of meat at the lower leg part was braised and slow cooked till it was meltingly tender and packed with flavour. Served with roasted veggies and buttery mash, this dish was a lovely contrast of textures especially with that of the stickiness of the tomato and wine sauce that accompanied the lamb.

And moving to the part that High Society is best known for- their cupcakes.

We tried their popular ones namely the Casanova (chocolate hazelnut feuilletine and chocolate ganache), Haute (vanilla cake with lemon curd topped with chantilly cream), Red Velvet (chocolate vanilla cake with rum raisin and cream cheese topping) and the Classic (vanilla cake with tahitian vanilla butter cream).

Absolutely adored the Casanova which was every chocolate lover’s dream and the best part was that despite all its richness and intense chocolate goodness, it was not too sweet at all! The hazelnut feuilletine added a lovely crunch to it overall and I am definitely going to try and recreate that chocolate ganache frosting that was pretty amazing.

The Red Velvet had a nice addition of rum raisin that made a subtle difference to regular red velvets. Very fluffy textures in the cake and not dry at all. This was a favourite at the table.

Kennie mentioned that the Classic was usually a hit with the men who do not usually fancy desserts simply because as its name describes, it is a classic of all things vanilla. And rightly so, because the guys did enjoy this one a lot. Well, as they say, you cant go wrong with the classics!

The Haute was a little heavy and dense with the dollop of lemon curd in the cupcake. It did however pair off beautifully with the piped chantilly cream.

And introducing possibly the most visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing desserts of all time- the remake of Pierre Hermé’s signature creation, the Ispahan. A lovely mix of rose water, raspberries, extremely smooth butter cream sandwiched in between soft pink macaron shells, it is so easy to fall in love with this delicate eye candy especially with that rose petal atop and the glistening dewdrop for an added sparkle.

Of course, not forgetting the regular macarons of Earl Grey, Raspberry Rose, Praline Hazelnut, Maple Walnut and more than 8 other flavours for you to choose from!

We also tried their Apple Crumble which was not your usual gooey pie messiness but chunks of apple, almond cream, honey and rosemary neatly packed into a pastry square tart. So very quaint and delightful.

The Strawberry Short Cake too was another pretty picture. The softness and creaminess of the creme mousseline against the crispness of the sable breton cookie base and lined with a border of fresh sliced strawberries, a lovely combination and an extremely light one at that.

And last but not least, the Boss cake which looked deceivingly simple with its 65% dark chocolate mousse outer coating was most certainly not so. With two layers of peppermint creme brulee and nougatine inside, this cake is one for the mint lovers who will definitely appreciate the cool aftertaste of this dessert.

I most certainly did enjoy my time here at the High Society and was pleasantly surprised at the culinary standards of the food offered here. It is now not only an ideal place for afternoon tea and cakes, but also one for lunch and dinner. So dont forget to add High Society to your list of food places to try the next time you are at Marina Bay Sands or Pacific Plaza. It’s the perfect example how great food goes with good music.

Thank you Derrick of Sgfoodonfoot for inviting me along and Kennie for such warm hospitality! :)

10 Bayfront Avenue
The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands
Tel: +65 6688 7522

Opening Hours
Sun–Thu: 10am – 11pm
Fri–Sat: 10am – 1am


4 Responses to High Society @ Marina Bay Sands

  1. shirley says:

    Hi, can i have a look at your menu, kindly email to the above address. Btw, how to go about apply for VIP member and what privilege does it applies?

    Thank you.

  2. jackie says:

    happened to chance upon your blog. Wow your photos1 are amazing! i tried the raspberry macaroons. It was simply a delight! :)

    • admin says:

      Awww thank you :) oh and you should try their cupcakes the next time! I think they’re quite good! :)))

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