| The Gourmet Chocolates Tasting Experience

Chocoholics and chocolate lovers rejoice! Because now you can actually have gourmet chocolates delivered right to your doorstep once a month to satisfy their sweet tooth craving of yours!

Boxup works like your usual magazine, newspaper, Bellabox or Vanity Trove subscription service. Simply pay an affordable subscription fee over a time period of e.g. one year and just anticipate that delivery to arrive at your doorstep every month!

And the best part is that no two boxes that you receive during that time period will be the same. With the chocolate experts at Boxup who only pick out the best chocolates to be put into your box each month, you can be assured of a sweet chocolatey surprise each time you receive your box!

With high quality artisan chocolate brands from all around the world such as Valrhona, Godiva, Ghirardelli and Amedei supplying the chocolates, your quality assurance is pretty much guaranteed.

Right now, Boxup is still in its beta stages and is looking at ways to improve its packaging and chocolate lineup in the box. Boxup founder David Tan says that the chocolate selections each month may differ to include minibars, truffles and tasting squares with varying % of cacaos in the chocolates for your tasting pleasure.

Interested and tempted yet?

Do check out their website at and Facebook page for more details or sign up on their waiting list to be informed when they officially launch!

Thank you David for the chocolates and for delivering them personally!

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