Launch of Sparkling Wine Jaillance‏ in Singapore

A good party is always accompanied by good wine. It’s just something about alcohol that enlivens the mood and makes your head that bit lighter, allowing you to better enjoy the party. But of course, you just want the glass of bubbly to set the tone of the evening without being too over the top.

Here’s introducing France’s bestselling Sparkling Wine Jaillance‏ that will be launching in Singapore at the end of the year with two different sparkling wine offerings- the brut Sémillon from Bordeaux and the demi-sec Muscat, Clairette from Die, which is timely for customers to purchase this bottle of bubbly for your upcoming Christmas and New Year parties- all in the name of festive cheer!

Mr Oliver Campos, Business Manager of Asia-Pacific, UK and Scandinavia explains that the shift in wine consumption over the recent years has been from reds and whites to sparkling wines. And sparkling wine consumption is predicted to rise by 12% in the next four years, signalling the trend of sparkling wine being ‘the next big thing’.

We had a chance to sample these sparkling wines with some home-style French bistro classics provided by Balzac Brasserie as accompaniment at a recent media preview to see what the fuss was all about with France’s no. 1 producer of Sparkling Wine!

The first matching was the Sémillon with a starter of Carpaccio of Red Beetroot and marinated Calamari. With its dryness and 12% alcohol content, this sparkling wine served as an excellent aperitif by balancing out the sweetness of the beetroot and persistent flavour of the calamari which I personally thought was a tad fishy. So it was great having that flute of Sémillon to help wash down some of that.

The Muscat, Clairette on the other hand, won me over with its sweetness and fruity flavour. And with only 7% alcohol content, you can safely down a couple of glasses without worrying about getting tipsy too quickly! This sweet sparkling wine will definitely be a crowd pleaser when you bring it to a party.

I was told that sweeter sparkling wines generally match better with desserts with cream such as cakes and ice-cream and I found this ironic initially because I wondered if the sweetness from both the wine and dessert would clash and the wine’s tannins may in fact be pushed over the bitter edge instead.

The general rule of thumb? The sparkling wine has to always be as sweet, if not sweeter than the dessert itself for the pairing itself to work, or the wine will lose its flavours.

Putting that theory to test, we tried a Classic Homemade Lemon Tart with the Muscat, Clairette.

And please excuse me as I digress for a bit.. but BEST LEMON TART EVER! Loved that solid block of lemon curd that while sour on its own, the icing sugar on the top was simply the antidote and perfect match for the sourness. And the cracker that it was served on packed a subtle crunch to the overall combination. I would come back to Balzac Brasserie again just for this lemon tart.

The French choquette and Vanilla cream too was a great dessert of fluffy, spongy pastry dusted with some icing sugar. Though I would have definitely liked it a whole lot more if I did not eat the lemon tart first!

As for the Muscat, Clairette pairings with these desserts? Surprisingly good. It was not as overwhelmingly sweet as I presumed it would have been, when in fact, the frutiness of passion fruit, mango and lychee in the Muscat, Clairette brought out some great flavours and textures in both the lemon tart and choquette with vanilla cream.

While there were other canapes offerings from Balzac Brasserie that afternoon to match these sparkling wines, I have highlighted the few that have been the most memorable.

This leading French Sparkling wine brand, Jaillance‏ will be retailing in Cold Storage, MarketPlace and Bottles & Bottles from late September onwards and in Fairprice, Fairprice Finest and Fairprice Xtra from early November.

Prices are $26.90 for the Muscat, Clairette and $29.90 for the Sémillon, which are very reasonable and affordable prices for some holiday spirit and your guests will love you for it!

Thank you Zhiyi of Mileage Communications Pte Ltd for the invite and Mr Oliver Campos for an informative afternoon!


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  1. Geoffroy says:

    I am trying to reach Oliver Campos for a business opportunity. I would appreciate if anybody could help me contact him. I reached out to Jaillance in France but no response.

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