TungLok Bloggers’ Cooking Party with Star Chefs of The Year @ My Humble House

A heavyweight in both authentic and modern Chinese cuisine, with more than 40 over restaurants spanning 5 countries, the TungLok Group has certainly come a long way since it was first established back in 1984.

The mastermind behind household names such as TungLok Signatures, Ruyi, Lao Beijing and Zhou’s Kitchen, this distinguished dining group has proven its versatility in not only fine dining but also catering to the masses with slightly more affordable fare.

I had the opportunity to attend a cooking demonstration conducted by Senior Executive Chef Ken Ling and Executive Chef David Liew who both boast an astounding 20+ years of culinary experience. These star chefs have been conjuring out high quality recipes and serving out delicious dishes that have tantalized the taste buds of many patrons over the years of working with the TungLok Group. It was certainly our good fortune to be able to watch these experts firsthand doing what they do best!

The cooking demonstration took place at My Humble House, located at an almost isolated corner of Esplanade Mall. Discovering this place is almost like uncovering a hidden gem. With comfy luxurious suede tall back chairs and full length ceiling to floor glass windows that span the restaurant which unravels the gorgeous Singapore skyline, it is no wonder that My Humble House is prided as the group’s first artistic restaurant.

Because a group of us arrived early, we were treated to some of My Humble House’s offerings specially prepared for us as canapes. The Hainanese Chicken Rice was served Nigiri style and the chicken broth-ed rice with the chicken breast was held together with a strip of Nori. With that dollop of ‘chicken rice’ garlic chilli, this canape was bursting with flavour in the mouth! Move aside chicken rice balls, chicken rice nigiri is the new ‘it’ thing!

The Siew Mai on the other hand was a hot favourite and the servers had to keep refilling our Siew Mai portions because it was simply so good and I am not even a Siew Mai fan. The ones here at My Humble House were so bouncy and fresh without that ‘porky’ aftertaste that I usually dread with Siew Mais. I hope they have this on the menu because I will be back for it!

Moving onto the demonstration proper…

Senior Executive Chef Ken Ling and Executive Chef David Liew promptly started on their first dish and it was interesting to watch the teamwork at play as both chefs worked together harmoniously and efficiently.

Fun fact: Notice the two different coloured chopping boards? The red one is for cutting meats while the green is for fresh produce like veggies. This practice is also kept in the TungLok kitchens as well to ensure hygiene and food safety!

And… the first course of the day was the Pan-seared Maotai Wine-marinated Chicken stuffed with Foie Gras wrapped in Black Sesame Crepe! Definitely exotic sounding and reminded me a little of a much more expensive version of a local delight- the popiah!

The interactive part of our cooking party was that we bloggers were supposed to design and put together our dish as we were just given the ‘raw materials’. Unfortunately the aroma of the pan-seared chicken stuffed with foie gras was much too tempting and irresistible, I happily ate mine AFTER plating it properly but before taking a shot of it. Oops?

Next up was a dessert with an extremely long and descriptive name- Soft Red Bean Banana Ball coated in Shredded Coconut served on Chilled Tropical Fruits with Crushed Coconut-flavoured Ice with Gula Malaka

Here’s Chef David Liew painstakingly and patiently carving out the husk of the young coconut (you’ll understand why later). Meanwhile, Chef Ken Ling started making the coconut ice-cream with just coconut juice, coconut milk, the essence of a pandan leaf and sugar! The result was unbelievably smooth, creamy and really delicious coconut shaved ice.

And with the same drill, we were given condiments of diced jackfruit, atap seed, fried coconut flesh and gula melaka separated in shot glasses with the coconut shaved ice sitting nicely in the already carved coconut husk for us to put together.

This was the star chefs’ rendition, with the dry ice for extra ‘ooomph’ and flair!

And this was MINE! This time I practiced self-control and took a shot before the ice-cream melted. Not too bad huh? Quite similar to the photo above? Maybe a little?

Remember I mentioned earlier that Chef David Liew was carving the coconut? This was to make peeling the coconut flesh out of the husk a much easier task for customers! How thoughtful! For the first time ever, I managed to remove the whole coconut flesh from its husk till intact in one piece. Mission accomplished!

It was certainly a treat to witness some of the behind-the-scenes footage at this cooking demonstration as well as the hard work and efforts put into every dish no matter how simple it may appear to be. Hopefully I will be back at My Humble House soon to try out some of their menu offerings and more of Chef David and Chef Ken’s specialties!

Thank you Carmen of Hill+Knowlton Strategies for the invite and to the TungLok Group for hosting this event!

8 Raffles Avenue
#02-27/29 Esplanade Mall
Tel: +65 6423 1881

Opening Hours
Daily: 12pm–2.30pm
6.30pm–10.30 pm


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  1. sgfoodonfoot says:

    I love the canapes… I could eat plates of them.

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