KEISHOKEN Ramen Champion @ T3 Singapore Changi Airport

Words and photography by Frederick Goh

I am personally not exactly a soupy noodle kind of person. I do however have a soft spot for RAMEN and can confidently say that it is my only exception! So I was definitely excited in taking part in a tasting hosted by Ramen Champion at Changi Airport Terminal 3 which took place about 2 weeks back.

The outlet is not your typical Japanese Ramen restaurant. It is designed to replicate the Ramen Museum in Yokohama, Japan. In addition, the event was organised in light of a new contender to the outlet – Chef Kazuo Sukuraoka.

You might be wondering, why the term ‘contender’? Uniquely, Ramen Champion hosts an annual event whereby accomplished ramen chefs pit against each other to find out who is the best. Due to the overwhelming success of Ultimate Ramen Champion 2011, this competition is being now held for the second year running. Patrons are invited to vote for their favourite ramen!

Chef Kazuo Sukuroaka, owner of 15 restaurants in Japan, introduces his ramen from Gunma Prefecture. Under the brand name Keishoken, he uses the concept of ‘Colours’ as inspiration for his ramen.

Read on and you’ll find out why.

As almost every city in Japan has its own signature style, the broth is usually how each ramen is differentiated from one another. The White Ramen was the first to be served. White is the original of the three, thus you will be able to taste the full flavour of the pork broth soup. It is also topped with a lean slice of pork belly, along with fungus, spring onions and seaweed. The noodles were firm, just the way I like it. And as I drank the soup, my mouth was engulfed with a creaminess, not too thick, but rich and flavourful. It also had an eggy texture to it. However, in a short conversation with the chef himself, he shared that no egg was added. Intrigued, I continued enjoying my White bowl of ramen.

The second bowl was the Black Ramen. This is where you’ll find out how the each ramen gets its name. And if you’re not exactly a creamy person, this could be the right colour for you. Other than the similar toppings to the White ramen, you will notice something dark alongside. It is a blended mixture of garlic and Ma-yu, hence the name Black! Mixing it gave the soup a different dimension. One could easily pick out a familiar garlic taste! I am almost certain that many locals here will be able to relate most to this rendition of ‘Colours’.

Red Ramen was the final of the three. Like the Black, this bowl of ramen too had something red topped onto it. If you like your food spicy, this ramen, with its chilli paste, could be the ramen of your choice. Apart from being spicy, it also had a fragrant garlic aroma. If you’re adventurous with spiciness, do give the Red Ramen a try!

Overall, ramen lovers should visit Ramen Champion. Other than Keishoken, one can find ramen from other regions of Japan too. You will definitely enjoy your ramen whether you choose the White, Black or Red!

Thank you Prue of Komars Management for the invite!

65 Airport Boulevard
Singapore Changi Airport
#B2-58 Terminal 3


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  1. sgfoodonfoot says:

    Looking forward to try the new ramen at T3 for lunch :)

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