Shin Yeh 欣葉 @ Liang Court

With the likes of Taiwan food branches such as Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack, Peng Lai Ge Taiwanese Restaurant, Ximending Taiwanese Cuisine and countless of bubble tea stores popping up at almost every corner of our neighborhoods and shopping malls, it comes as no surprise that the demand for Taiwanese food, snacks and of course bubble tea is growing in our little island.

Here’s introducing Shin Yeh 欣葉, a well-loved franchise from Taiwan that sought to bring authentic Taiwanese delicacies and cuisine to other countries such as Singapore, Japan and Beijing, where their foreign branches reside. This Singapore branch is a collaboration with the Tung Lok Group who saw something special in what Shin Yeh had to offer and the decades of tradition that the franchise holds dear when churning out yummy delights, bringing back bittersweet memories for the Taiwanese themselves when they savour these dishes from their motherland in a foreign country.

Shin Yeh Singapore located at level 2 of Liang Court Shopping Centre has been specially designed and decorated with the intention of recreating rustic and countryside Taiwan. With water features that offer the soothing background sounds of running water, bamboo shoots that line the perimeters of the restaurant, fresh beautiful and gorgeous lilies along the corridors and a marbled communal table as a centrepiece, it’s a whole new experience of oriental dining.

In celebrating Taiwanese Double Ten Day as well as Shin Yeh Singapore’s fourth anniversary which fell on the 4th of October, Shin Yeh has many special promotions just for you!

From this month onwards, the restaurant will be upgrading its menu to include new desserts and xiao chi, which are iconic Taiwanese street snacks, and these will be available in the daily lunch menu (11.30am – 2.30pm) with a price range of $3.80 – $8.00 which is super affordable!

Plus! There will also be a special offer for the premium Taiwanese delicacy- Milk Fish only for this month!

Read on to find out more.

Pork and Golden Petals Broth $5.80

A relatively thick and starchy bowl of soup with chunks of minced pork and shredded mushrooms, this had a flavoursome stock which warmed me up pretty quickly in the cold restaurant. Loved how every spoonful of broth was packed with ingredients and was not dilute at all.


“Zhang Hua” Meatballs $4.80

I tried the actual Taiwanese version at a night market when I visited Taiwan two years ago and this popular snack which can be found at most stalls there was very well reproduced here at Shin Yeh. The outer layer made of sweet potato flour was chewy and as the Taiwanese would say, ‘QQ’ in texture while the inner meatball layer encased within was tender and moist as the meat had soaked up the sauce really well.

“Shih Lin” Pan-fried Fresh Oysters with Omelette $6.80

Not your usual Orh Lua that we are so used to especially at the Newton Hawker Centre, this was definitely catered to the taste buds of the Taiwanese. Although I do think that they have tried a little to adapt to our tastes, adding more eggs to the mix and less starch, I certainly missed my Orh Lua chilli which I think is actually a key component to it overall. The omelette at Shin Yeh was also more to the sweet side which I found a little hard to comprehend for a supposed savoury dish.

Crisp-fried Chicken with Dip $6

A tad like bite sized pieces of the famous Shih Lin XXL Chicken, this was a favourite at the table when it came out of the kitchen piping hot. And I got a little too excited when dipping my chicken into the salt dip on the side, it got a little too intense and a salt overload. A light dip would just be perfect.

Fried Beancurd and Minced Pork with Mapo Spicy Sauce $4.80

Nice firm beancurd chunks soaked in Mapo Spicy Sauce that was unfortunately not spicy at all and a little too oily.

Taiwan Homemade Sausage $4.20

Ah ha the first ever Taiwanese snack I tried when I was a little girl at the Pasar Malam stalls. Used to love buying a satay stick of sausage which was glistening with oil and still dripping oil. So sinful and unhealthy but definitely made a little happy girl. Which was why I was a little disappointed with the version here at Shin Yeh which was an attempt at making it healthier by baking instead of grilling. But nooooooooo! Taiwanese sausages are meant to be grilled and oily with black charcoal stripes.

“Tai Nan” Rice Cake $4.80

Somewhat like Chwee Kueh, this rice cake could certainly give our hawker delight a run for its money. The white starchy rice flour mixture was not bland and held its own quite well even when eaten alone. With some added braised mushrooms and egg, this could be a hearty meal by itself.

Steamed Bun with Lean Pork and Pickled Cabbage $4.80

My favourite out of all the xiao chi, this is one da bao you definitely have to try when you come here. For starters, the steamed bun had a nutty peanut taste that matched the salty pickled cabbage and deep fried pork cutlet so beautifully. And unlike the normal bao where all the ingredients is packed neatly inside, this one is served cut open to look like the mouth of a tiger and is meant to symbolise eating up all the bad things that have happened throughout the year and to welcome a new start. A very appropriate New Year’s dish dont you think?

Taiwan-style Braised Oyster “Mian Xian” $5.80

No need for introductions, this mee sua is well loved by Singaporeans and Taiwanese alike! Throw in some fresh braised oyster and lips will start smacking.

Taiwan-style Rice with Soya Sauce Lean Pork $4.80

Another dish that I really enjoyed. Just simple marinated soya sauce pork with some preserved veggies at the side and half a braised egg atop some steamed white rice, this is a staple and must try.

We also got to try some dishes from Master Chen’s Special Set Menu. Master Chen is the executive chef from the Taiwan branch and was in town between the 1st and the 7th of October to promote some of his specialties and delicacies.

Pan-fried Milk Fish with Salted Pepper $12++

As I mentioned earlier, the Milk Fish is one of the promotional items featured for this month! The Milk Fish got its name from its natural ability to turn as ‘white as milk’ once it is cooked while it is otherwise clear when it is swimming in the waters. Also, only the abdomen part of the fish is edible as the rest has too many bones. It is your chance to try this Taiwanese premium delicacy with its silky smooth flesh and nice crispy skin.

Stewed Pork Ribs with Fermented Rice Paste

Was not really a huge fan of these stewed pork ribs which I thought appeared to look quite artificially coloured. The taste however was something different with a subtle sweetness and the meat was fairly tender and easy to chew.

Fried “Xin Zhu” Rice Noodles with Lean Pork

A very homely plate of bee hoon that brings back some fond memories. It is hard not to love this simple plate of stir fried rice noodles which uniquely had bits of pumpkin cooked together for added sweetness.

Taiwan-style Milk Tea with Pearl/Grass Jelly $4

And of course everybody’s favourite Zhen Zhu Nai Cha. The Shin Yeh version comes with an option of Grass Jelly as well. I particularly enjoyed how this milk tea was not too over infused with syrup, allowing the flavour of the tea to come through.

Taiwan-style Red Bean and Milk over Coconut Shaved Ice (serves 2) $6
Taiwan-style Mango and Milk over Shaved Ice (serves 2) $8

A popular Taiwanese dessert especially since Taiwan is famous for their ultra sweet fresh mangoes. Loved the smooth shaved ice that simply melted in my mouth. Another must order when you come here. This will put a really nice end to your meal.

Shin Yeh Singapore is definitely the place to go to for some authentic and affordable Taiwanese fare. Especially with their revamped menu with more night market snack offerings, it is so much more convenient to come here to satisfy that Taiwanese food craving instead of having to fly 5+ hours. It is also worth the while spending some time dining here to enjoy your oriental surroundings that may or may not deceive you into thinking that you are actually in Taiwan at the moment.

Thank you Grace of Hill + Knowlton Strategies for the invite and the Tung Lok Group for hosting us!

177 River Valley Road
Liang Court Shopping Centre #02-19
6338 7337

Opening Hours
Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.00pm – 10.30pm


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