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In conjunction with Red Bull Stratos- Mission to the Edge of Space, where Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner was to make a historic jump 120,000 ft from the stratosphere in an attempt to break four world records, a few bloggers were invited to be a part of this once in a lifetime experience by having their own indoor skydiving experience at iFly Singapore in Sentosa. And when Charlene aka Missuschewy extended her invitation to me, I was most ecstatic to tag along as her plus one!

We arranged to meet at the Vivocity station and took the Sentosa train straight to Beach Station, where iFly was conveniently located just a few steps away. This multi-million dollar indoor skydiving facility is currently the largest in the world, standing at five meters wide and five storeys in height. Be awed as you walk past the state of the art wind tunnel which takes centerstage in this place. 18 feet tall of clear acrylic glass wall that offers you an unparalleled view to as far as the South China Sea in the day and even fireworks from the nearby Song of the Seas at night, yes! As you are skydiving in that tunnel.

When we arrived, we saw a couple of professional skydivers carrying out stunts in the wind tunnel- flips, twists, even flying upside down for some. And it all seemed so effortless and simply a piece of cake. That definitely got me even more psyched for my own experience!

Indoor skydiving @ iFly Singapore is an all round experience which begins right from the start when you purchase your tickets at the counter and receive a lanyard that reads ‘Flyer’ which you are supposed to wear. You then proceed to the training room where you meet your instructor for the day.

Our instructor was Danny who previously flew for the military and has over a decade of skydiving experience. With his cheerful demeanor and sense of humor, we started to relax a little as he taught us some basic hand signals to ‘chin up’, ‘close your legs’ or ‘lower your legs‘ which will come in very useful in the wind tunnel where you will be unable to talk and communication is necessary for you to better stabilize yourself with those simple body movements.

You will then each get a turn on the ‘bed’ to get a feel of how it is like to lift your arms, chin and legs off all at the same time- the very same position you are expected to keep while you are in the tunnel and as Danny kept emphasizing to us, ‘DO NOTHING!’ and just allow the wind to take you up! Sounds easy!

After the short training session, we then proceeded to the second level to collect our gear- a full padded body suit, helmet, goggles and earplugs! You are supposed to put the earplugs in before you wear your helmet and honestly after that, you will just be shouting to one another because it becomes too difficult to hear anything!

You can then also take a group shot, once you have gotten all your gear on while waiting for your turn!

Next up, we formed a line outside the wind tunnel for Danny to check our helmet and gear one by one to make sure it was all tight and snug to avoid complications in the tunnel. You do not want anything loose hanging on you while you are flying so necklaces, watches and even earrings have to be taken off as a safety precaution.

And before you know it, it’s UP UP AND AWAY! Each person gets 2 jumps, each lasting 45 seconds.

For first timers, your instructor will ensure that you fly lower as you get used to the whole experience of being in the tunnel in the first place. And the whole feeling of being afloat without anything attached to you is indescribable. The adrenaline was pumping within me and my heart was beating really fast. It did not quite help that everyone around the tunnel was just STARING at me as if I were a goldfish swimming in a bowl. And dont forget to breathe!! I did for a moment and I almost felt faint. What can I say? My first skydiving experience took my breath away, literally.

And when it is your second time, your instructor will then fly with you and take you up higher! Much much higher. This was us on the way up! Check out the two bunches of hair sticking out of my helmet! That’s how fast the wind speed is. My hair is actually standing. I chuckle everytime I see this photograph. It still cracks me up.

Can you see my big smile in all my photos as I was flying? It was exhilarating and I was in wonderment the whole 90 seconds I was in the wind tunnel, with the thought that I AM ACTUALLY FLYING!! Needless to say, that 1.5 minutes was simply not enough and everyone just wanted more!

For your own experience of indoor skydiving, at a fraction of the price for real skydiving, check out the iFly Singapore website HERE for their rates and packages. There are normal, off-peak and super off-peak rates going for $69-$89 for adults, with concessions for children and students, as well as special deals for groups and families! It’s a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed!

Thank you Charlene for inviting me along and to Redbull Singapore and iFly Singapore for my first ever indoor skydiving opportunity!

43 Siloso Beach Walk
Sentosa Island
Singapore 099010
(65) 6571 0000

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  1. missuschewy says:

    Heyy Charleen, u’re welcome! Glad that you enjoyed it too! :D

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