The Azur Signatures Showdown @ Crowne Plaza Changi Airport


The Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Signature Restaurant, Azur is giving fans an opportunity to vote for their favourite dishes which will be featured in the Azur buffet line-up from 2-11 November 2012. Executive Sous-Chef Alvin Leong and his team have put together eight special creations with two separate themes- Sinfully Rich and Absolutely Scrumptious consisting of four dishes each. And the winning theme will be decided by YOU when you visit their Facebook Page to “like” the photo of your favourite team of signatures from 15 – 28 October 2012. So scroll on down for a preview of the eight dishes and get voting for the team that gets your tastebuds ticking.

Team A: Sinfully Rich

Sea Salt Roasted Crispy Pork Belly with Peri Peri Sauce

A slight twist to an Asian delight, Chef Leong had cleverly rubbed some sea salt in the marinate before roasting that hulk of boneless pork belly, skin and all to a beautiful crispy golden brown and the appetizing crackling sound as he sliced it up into smaller pieces for service. A dip of Peri Peri sauce lent a hint of spice with its grounded peppers as well as a whole new dimension to this otherwise overused cut of meat in Chinese cuisine. I would however have appreciated a tad more sea salt in the salt-rub of the meat for a more decadent taste.

Summer Berries Sea Prawn with Minty Plum Sauce

Loved the presentation of this colourful and bright summery dish with the healthy use of berries for that added sweetness. This prawn was fried to perfection and had a very tasty sweet marinate probably contributed by the plum sauce used. Chef Leong says that this creation first came to mind when he participated in a cooking show catered for senior citizens as they tend to be more health conscious. So if grandpa and grandma approves, it’s definitely good to eat and good for the body.

Singapore Style Sri-Lanka Chilli Crab

No need for introductions, this Singapore Style Sri-Lanka Chilli Crab is a household favourite and the dish that most tourists know us for. I was won over by the rich and thick amount of roe in the carapace and the size of the pincers! Sri-Lanka crabs are after all popular for their fleshiness and sizeable proportions. The gravy was thick, sweet and slightly spicy with a generous amount of egg ribbons. I would have definitely welcomed some mantou to soak up all that gravy but since that was not available, I used my spoon instead.

Durian Mousse Cake

All my readers would know that I am a huge fan of durian and I absolutely adore this king of fruits. Needless to say, I was super excited for this durian mousse cake to be served. Unfortunately this did not really appeal to the durian fan in me. While the mousse cake was soft, smooth and incredibly easy to eat with the layer of cream in between, there was not enough durian paste for that strong punch that durians are notorious for. I would however imagine that this would be a nice introduction of our thorny friend to tourists who might not be too used to its distinctive odour.

Team B: Absolutely Scrumptious

Char-smoked Duck Supreme with Chocolate Balsamic

Neatly sliced boneless duck meat in a rich chocolate balsamic is an absolute crowd pleaser. It is easy to pick up and convenient to just pop in the mouth without awkwardly biting into pieces that may be too big. The meat was very tender and the thin rind of fat stuck to it added to its richness and flavour. Chocolate balsamic may not be an identifiable dressing, its creamy texture however, with its mix of sweetness, tangyness and subtle bitterness was an ideal drizzle.

Pickle Chilli Steamed Seabass

Extremely fresh fish fillets that was made extra tasty and flavoursome with the secret ingredient of using fried pork lard. For those who cannot take too spicy, fret not for these large chopped chilli were just added to bring out the vibrancy of the overall dish and for the spicy fans, a request of chilli padi will do the trick for you. I really do enjoy steamed fish because it brings out the sweetness and true flavours of the fish itself and it was no different in this case. With some sour pickles in the mix and the quintessential soy sauce, this seabass is a winner on its own.

Black Pepper Sri-Lanka Crab

Another popular method of preparing crabs in our little island, the black pepper crab is no stranger to Singaporeans. It is easy to find anywhere but a good rendition is difficult to come by. In this case, Chef Leong did an admirable job in recreating this local delight. Thick and fragrant pepper paste that coated every part of the crab, it was a beautiful contrast with the sweet Sri Lanka crab meat. The pounded black pepper bits which were still coarse and not too fine in texture was a nice touch of aesthetics and spice appeal.

Mango Passion Cake

A light mango passionfruit mousse that had parts of soft jelly in alternative layers, I enjoyed Chef Leong’s use of the tropical fruit in this dessert. The passionfruit too was not overly sour and in fact brought out the pulpy sweet texture of its mango counterpart. A great dessert to end the meal and a perfect cake to cream ratio. I promise you will not feel too weighed down after having this cake.

And that marks the end of my introduction of the eight contenders! Have any of the dishes appealed to you or any of the teams called out to you? I am personally rooting for Team B! How about you? Dont forget to ‘like’ your favourite team HERE so that you too will get an opportunity to sample these delicacies should your favourite team win the contest. Remember, the contest ends on 28th of October!

The Azur Signatures Dinner Buffet is available daily from 6.30pm – 10.30pm.
Adult: $65.00++
Child: $32.50++

Thank you Carrie and Executive Sous-Chef Alvin Leong for hosting us and your warm hospitality!

75 Airport Boulevard
2nd Floor Crowne Plaza Hotel
(Next to Changi Airport T3)
Tel: +65 6823 5354

Opening hrs
Daily: 06:00 – 10:30
Daily: 12:00 – 14:30
Daily: 18:30 – 22:30


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