Kilo at PACT @ Orchard Central

A collaborative concept between the people behind Kilo at Kampong Bugis, menswear boutique K.I.N. and hair salon PACT + LIM, this unique space is all about style, class and quality with a twist. The 3,700 sq ft area located at the corner of the second level of Orchard Central is spacious and open, with a modern contemporary interior design of straight lines and clean finishes.

Kilo is markedly obvious on the extreme left of the entrance when you first walk in, where the seating area is, while the right side has a long wooden display showcasing pieces from the K.I.N. line and the hair salon is just short flight of stairs away.

The furniture used at Kilo are mostly made of concrete, used in its untreated roughness, maintaining that stony hardness for a rustic touch while a few tall cactus plants take centre stage in a rectangular planter that is sitting right smack in the middle of all the dining tables. Full height clear glass windows form the perimeter, allowing natural light to flow through and the whole vibe exuded is so raw yet polished, it is an enigma that is simply chilled, laidback and almost soothing.

Food served is a fusion of Japanese, Vietnamese and Italian, with a special menu on the weekends for brunch.

We tried 2 items from the Weekend Brunch menu when we dropped by on a Sunday afternoon.

Portobello Benedict $21

Not your regular Eggs Ben, it is instead, a play on the usual brunch classic. The English muffin at the bottom is topped with that huge juicy portobello, followed by sweet sauteed caramelized onions, baby spinach and the overlaying sauce of buttermilk with melted mozzarella and a hint of truffle. Accompanied with a side of golden brown fries seasoned with a dash of black pepper and salt, it is simply everything you want and need on a breakfast plate.

Banana Bites $12

The perfect name for this dish because it is just bananas with every bite. Dont order it if you are not a fan of bananas. But then again, who isnt? Yet another twist on your usual french toasts, the people here at Kilo really do not like doing things the conventional way. They have instead incorporated sliced bananas in between every layer of toast before frying. And when biting into it is just pure goodness of gooeyness and sweetness from those softened bananas and that absolute necessary drizzle of maple syrup. Throw in a couple more fresh banana slices on the top and cut strawberries for garnishing, it is a pretty sweet picture.

Checking out the regular weekday menu as well…

Spicy Pork Cubes $12

Tender and beautifully marinated, these pork belly cubes were simply irresistible. The meat had soaked up all the flavours of the marinate and the fat was cooked through till it was so soft and simply melted in your mouth. We really enjoyed how the spicy mayo lent a hint of spiciness and creaminess to the overall texture. This is a must-try at Kilo.

Beef Short Ribs Rice Bowl $18

Served with Japanese rice, sweet corn, radishes and wasabi sprouts, this bowl was a sketch of colours and a myriad of tastes. Absolutely enjoyed the short ribs that were cooked to just the right degree of doneness, it was still a shade of pink, juicy, tender and not uncomfortably raw. The use of Japanese rice, with its stickiness and softness added just the right touch and matched those peppered beef pieces indisputably.

Raw’s Lava Cake + Basil Gelato $9

Curious about how Basil Gelato would taste like, we could not resist picking this flavour for our ice-cream of choice to match our chocolate lava cake. The cake hit the right notes of a good lava cake, with good quality rich chocolate used that flowed on command of cutting through it. Our views on the Basil Gelato however, were divided. A few found it refreshing, interesting and commented that it had a hint of mint in it while the others and I thought that it was simply frozen pesto which to be honest, did not taste too enticing. I was not a big fan of the Basil Gelato and will keep safe with my usual flavours in future.

In short, Kilo @ PACT is an elegant lovely space to explore. This 3-in-1 collaboration comprising of a cafe, boutique and hair salon will give you plenty to discover and browse. While it does not get too crowded at the moment, I know that once word gets out about the quirky nature of this place, many will be keen to check it out. So avoid the crowds and schedule a visit soon. The food is definitely worth the trip.

181 Orchard Road
#02-16/17/18/19 Orchard Central
Tel: 68847560

Opening hrs
Tue – Sun: 11:00 – 22:00


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