The Kyushu Experience @ Japanese Dining SUN (Chjimes)

In association with the Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Japanese Dining SUN (Chjimes) & Sun with Moon (Wheelock Place) will be launching the Kyushu Experience from the 16th November 2012 to 8th January 2013 for everyone to enjoy specially created dishes using only premium ingredients, air-flown straight from regions in and around Kyushu, Japan twice a week. This experience does not get anymore authentic than that.

Here is a preview of the Kyushu Gourmet Experience menu which will debut on the 16th of November 2012 so dont forget to look out for it!

Kyushu Sashimi Mori 7 Kind $88.80

Sashimi aficionados will be very pleased with this stunning display of 7 different kinds of extremely fresh raw fish. From fatty tuna, to yellow seabream, horse mackerel, golden eye snapper, striped jack, yellowtail and Japanese seabream, this Japanese delicacy was almost alive with its bright colours and firm textures. The fillets were moist-looking and simply appetizing. With so many varieties sitting on the packed ice, you will be spoilt for choice.

Mentai Salmon Takana Roll $18.80

These salmon rolls had me sold with their bold vibrancy and myriad of colours all distinctly differentiated in the layers as observed in the cross section. Unlike regular Makizushi which are usually wrapped in Nori however, the Mentai Salmon Takana Roll was instead wrapped with a layer of Japanese preserved mustard leaf that contributed a hint of saltiness which tied the sweetness of the omelette and mild spiciness of the cod roe together quite beautifully.

Kagoshima Mentai Cheese Chigiri Age $9.80

Triangular shaped pockets of fishcake blended with spicy seasoned cod roe and cheese, these browned delights are best eaten warm. The flavour of the cheese is subtle and will be appreciated amongst those who do not really fancy the heaviness of cheese in their dishes. Others who do however, may find this one just mediocre.

Fukuoka Shiokoji Moriawase $15.80

A platter of filleted grilled meats consisting of Berkshire pork, chicken and salmon which have been marinated in Shio Koji- a fermented condiment of malted rice, sea salt and water, this was simple and uncomplicated. It was my first time tasting Shio Koji marinated meats and I enjoyed how it brought out the sweetness and flavours of the ingredients. Shio Koji is also believed to be rich in enzymes which help aid in digestion, speed up metabolism and boost immunity.

Miyazaki Wagyu Steak Ajikurabe $88.80

Using Japanese grade A3 wagyu steak ribeye and sirloin steak and grilled teppanyaki style, this had just the right amount of fat marbling and texture. It was delicious and chewy without being too tough and had a lovely sweet flavour but otherwise not too memorable.

Fukuoka Kurobuta Gyoza $9.80

These Berkshire pork filled dumplings are smaller than the usual regular sized ones but just like how the saying goes ‘good things come in small packages’, this one certainly did. The tenderness and juiciness of the pork complimented excellently with the thinly rolled dough skin which was pan-fried to a lovely brown on one side, making it simply irresistible and slightly crispy.

Fukuoka Tonkotsu Takana Ramen $11.80

I particularly enjoyed the richness of the pork bone broth that had a slight creamy texture and consistency. It was also not too oily and light enough to drink right up to the last drop. The noodles used in the ramen was also just right and springy enough for me.

Saga Nori Udon

Not to be confused with Soba noodles as I initially thought it was when this was served, this cold noodles made from only seaweed is a welcoming change. Paired with the dipping sauce provided at the side, these noodles are a refreshing way of eating your greens.

Fukuoka Kinmedai & Mentai Chazuke $15.80

Lightly grilled golden eye snapper fillet slices with spicy seasoned cod roe sitting atop Japanese rice, this combination is flavoured further by pouring hot green tea bonito soup over that rice producing a porridge-like outcome. Mirroring the Hakka delight- Thunder Tea Rice, this was certainly a comforting and warm bowl of goodness.

Oito Momo Jam Chiffon Cake $6.50

Made with ripened Japanese peach jam, this incredibly light and fluffy chiffon cake was especially delightful after everything we had eaten. Not too sweet and infused perfectly with peach flavours which you can obviously taste with every bite, this was undeniably good and a winner for me.

Fukuoka Yamecha Roll Cake $5.80

And for the matcha enthusiasts, this green tea roll with a vanilla cream center is one you will relish. Pair it off with the azuki bean paste on the side for full enjoyment of this dessert. Finally, end off with a soothing cup of Premium Fukuoka English tea for that satisfying touch to your Kyushu experience.

Tempted and hungry yet? You too will get to taste these delicious creations using only authentic premium ingredients from Kyushu in 10 days time. Dont forget to mark your calenders. The experience begins on the 16th of November 2012 and runs all the way till the 8th of January 2013. Enjoy!

Thank you Eugene of 360 productions for the invite and of course Japanese Dining SUN for the food!

30 Victoria Street
#02-01 Chijmes
Tel: 66816635

Opening hrs
Daily: 12:00 – 15:00
Mon – Sat: 18:30 – 23:00
Sun & PH: 18:00 – 22:30


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