Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie Christmas Memories 2012

The BEST part about Christmas is always PRESENTS! And while Christmas shopping for loved ones, friends and family does get stressful sometimes because you want to find the perfect present, somehow chocolates, sweets and special treats always seal the deal and makes any recipient very happy (especially if the recipient is a girl!).

Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie has 15 new festive products just for you to select and pick for anyone special. The best part is that these lovely treats can be delivered right to their doorsteps, so you know for sure that they will receive it on the exact day you want them to!

Revolving around three very special themes- Relive, Re-create and Inspire, these festive goodies of gingerbread, truffles, logcakes and Christmas hampers are bound to bring some smiles.

The Limited Edition Christmas Macarons (1pc $3) from the Re-create series have been designed deliberately to bring some Christmas sparkle. With exotic flavours like Amedei Chuao Cassis, Chestnut Obsession, Cranberry Indulgence, Elder Flower Blossom, Gingerbread and Nougat Temptation, it is hard to not get into the mood especially with the chocolate snowflakes and edible glitter little touches on the macarons.

Better yet, pick an Enchanted Christmas Tree from the Inspire range, made entirely of edible Dark, Milk or White Chocolate which comes in two sizes- 18cm for $22 or 42cm for $300. This delicious looking Christmas tree which is definitely not your usual green pine or PVC will make a beautiful centerpiece on the dinner table.

And it has two very practical uses- the first being decorative for when the guests arrive and the second, as dessert. Your guests will sure to be intrigued by this edible display piece which they can peel and eat from. Biting into the bits of roasted hazelnuts, almonds and raisins in between the ‘branches’ of the tree are a nice surprise too!

Be sure to check out the Canelé website for the full list of Christmas goodies and download the order form from there too! Make someone special smile with these stunning festive sweet treats from Canelé. They will be very touched and happy. I know I will :)

Thank you Valencia and Merissa of the Les Amis Group for these lovely treats!

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