NeNe Chicken Has Arrived @ The Star Vista

One of Korea’s most popular chicken fast food chains has opened its first ever international branch in Singapore at level 1 of The Star Vista! ‘Ne! Ne!’ which actually means Yes! Yes!- is an expression used by the Koreans to show their enthusiasm and willingness to help and this is the spirit that the boss of NeNe Chicken had hoped would translate in the attitude adopted by the staff here when serving customers.

Reputed to be the ‘sauce-coated chicken specialist’ back in Korea, with more than 1000 outlets to date, NeNe Chicken offers crispy fried chicken coated with a wide variety of their very own special secret recipe sauces. The chickens at NeNe are also mixed in a unique batter which keeps the skin crispy even after being deep-fried and coated with the sauces, keeping the meat still juicy and tender.

Green Onion Tender Boneless (approx 35 pieces) + 2 side salads $23.50

Served with a base of soy sauce mixed with mustard and topped with a generous mix of shredded spring onions, these chicken pieces have an oriental flair that is sure to be a favourite. Special tip, make sure your chicken has a good coat of that base sauce for an extra ooomph.

Freaking Hot 9-pc whole chicken + 2 side salads $22.50

For the daring and adventurous, be sure to try this Freaking Hot chicken because it is seriously FREAKING HOT! Coming from someone who has quite a threshold for spicy foods, I sure got defeated by this one after eating about three drumsticks. The fiery sauce is made with hot chilli peppers, a hint of ketchup, garlic, onion and sugar. The heat does not hit you at the first bite but by the third or fourth, it definitely starts to set in and your lips will feel like they are on fire. Ironically, it is strangely addictive and as spicy the sauce may be, you simply cannot resist picking up another piece.

Snowing Cheese Tender Boneless (approx 35 pieces) + 2 side salads $23.50

A crowd pleaser and one that is sure to be a favourite with the kids, these bite-sized chicken pieces are coated with powdered cheese and incredibly easy to pop into your mouth without stopping.

Swicy 9-pc whole chicken + 2 side salads $22.50

Swicy- a mix of sweet and spicy, is a milder version of Freaking Hot and a good way to ease into eating the latter. Generally more sweet than it is actually spicy, these wings and drumsticks are definitely finger-licking good.

Sides served with every main Chicken ordered:
Pickled Radish $1.90
NeNe Coleslaw $1.90

NeNePOP $5.90

An ingenious idea by the Koreans, this is the perfect cinema snack. It’s icy soda in the cup with hash brown balls and popcorn chicken on the top. Which means you can drink out of the straw, eat a popcorn chicken, while just holding a single cup. It is so practical and not messy at all. Did I mention that the popcorn chicken and hash were crunchy, not oily and really fun to eat? I am so bringing this to my next movie date!

Be sure to stop by this NeNe Chicken outlet and get your hands dirty with these finger licking sauce coated chickens. Disposable gloves are provided as well though the fun is clearly in eating with your own bare hands because you just will not get enough of those delicious sauces. Delivery options are also available for that perfect TV meal.

1 Vista Green Exchange
Star Vista #01-24
Singapore 138617
Telephone Number: (65) 6694 5489
Delivery Number: (65) 6222 6363

Opening hrs:
11am to 10pm daily


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  1. I recognise the pair of hands in the first picture. hee hee

  2. Siti says:

    Is this halal?

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