London Eats: L’Eto Caffe, Soho

I have a confession to make. We were actually en route to Hummingbird Bakery when we got distracted by L’Eto Caffe’s glass window display of cakes, cupcakes and pastries. It was simply inviting and we just had to forgo Hummingbird and walk in instead (the two bakeries are actually next door to each other and yes we never made it to Hummingbird in the end).

L’Eto Caffe reminds me much of Ottolenghi with their overwhelming display of baked goods just sitting on the counters, topped with mouthwatering cream swirls and gorgeous finishing touches of candied fruit, cherried glaze and chocolate shavings, waiting for you to pick them up. The menu also offers a great selection of Antipodean coffees, all kinds of teas and juices for you to complete that perfect afternoon tea experience.

This is a compilation of two visits here. The first was the attempted Hummingbird post-dinner dessert episode while the second was actually a brunch visit to The Breakfast Club, which was unfortunately closed that day due to piping problems so we ended up back at L’Eto Caffe for their breakfast items!


Eggs Benedict £6.95

A very classic brunch order that many cafes offer but not many actually do a good job at. At L’Eto however, even though the eggs are unconventionally served as sunny-side instead of poached, it was a very different but welcoming experience of having every part of your egg white so thoroughly and appropriately covered in that buttery tangy Hollandaise. The yolks were runny good and ham difficult to fault. The sourdough held everything beautifully together though my only picky complaint would be that the crust was exceedingly hard to cut through and not good for chewing.


Salads were about £5.50 for 100g but you are allowed to mix and match the daily specials. Dont those fresh greens and sauteed mushrooms just look so healthy yet delicious? Veggies should always look like that in my opinion, then maybe kids will embrace instead of shunning them!


Ricotta Pancakes £6.95

Move aside regular floured pancakes, these ridiculously light and creamy variations are set to take over! And with the addition of the candied ginger on the side, orange marmalade in the middle for some citrus zest, there were just so many great textures and flavours going on, on this very appetizing looking plate. Could not have enjoyed it more.


But of course we had to try some of those delectable treats on display…

Apple Maple Olive Oil Cake £4.20

Great aesthetics at work here, I loved how the cupcake had been sliced in the middle for an additional layer of frosting. The cake itself tasted more like a carrot cake instead of apple cake but nonetheless enjoyable and sharing is advised.


Honey Cake £4.50

My friend and I had eyed this from the window and knew we had to try this cake with such a simple name but with so many layers. And well well well, every single layer was so moist and had soaked up the honey and frosting so uniformly while still maintaining its stucture without becoming soggy. A very refreshing change from the usual chocolate and berry cakes.


There is never a quiet moment at L’Eto Caffe and in my two visits here, though it had always been crowded, somehow you are still able to get a table without having to wait too long. The staff are extremely helpful too and efficient in clearing up. And in case you were interested, Wifi is free here!


155 Wardour Street
London, UK W1F 8WG
020 7494 4991

Opening hrs:
Wed, Thur, Fri & Sat
Mon, Tues, & Sun

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London, UK

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