London Eats: Hakkasan, Mayfair

The entrance to Hakkasan along Bruton Street is easy to miss. With its heavily tinted glass floor to ceiling panels and black sturdy wooden door, you would almost walk right past it without even knowing. But look out for the two extremely friendly ‘bouncers’ dressed in black at the door and you are at the right place. Walking in, you will find that this upmarket fine-dining restaurant is sleek, elegant and almost mysterious. Lighting is dimmed, service staff ladies are dressed in oriental fuschia dresses and the lingering whiff of sandalwood incense draws you in.

Opened by successful restauranteur- Alan Yau, the man behind Busaba Eathai, Yauatcha and the Wagamama Japanese chain, this modern contemporary Chinese restaurant earned its Michelin star back in 2011 despite only opening the year before. Reservations are highly recommended as we soon found that even on a weekday night, every table was occupied.


Dim Sum Platter 15

An exquisite and stylish platter of fusion dim sum delights which impressed with presentation and aesthetics. We were psyched to find out if the taste justified its appearance and it definitely did! The platter came with two serves of Scallop Shumai, Har Gau, Prawn Chinese Chive Dumplings and Duck Dumplings so that made sharing convenient as we could both try one of each.

I personally enjoyed the succulent and fat piece of sweet steamed scallop in the shumai and the sprinkle of cod roe on top while my sister picked out the Prawn Chinese Chive Dumpling as her favourite because of those shredded crab meat and extremely flavoursome broth encased in the green skin. Overall these larger than usual dim sum are certainly not bite-sized, making you feel that you are actually getting more than what you are paying for!


Golden Fried Soft Shell Crab with Red Chilli and Curry Leaf 13

Extremely golden crisp on the outside, while still maintaining that sort of mushy consistency inside, this soft shell crab was delightful and unusual with those subtle hints of spice from the chopped red chilli and curry leaves that it was fried with. But dont worry, I am sure that even those with low or no tolerance for spicy food will enjoy this.


Black Truffle Roast Duck with tea plant mushroom 33

And yes the real reason why we came to Hakkasan for..

Unable to decide between the Four Seasons and Goldmine (the two front runners in the ‘Best Roast Duck in London’ contest), we decided that we would come to Hakkasan for Black Truffle Roast Duck instead! Best decision ever!

This duck was outstanding and probably the best (and most expensive) roast duck I have ever tasted! The meat was lean, not too fatty and extremely moist from soaking up all that mushroom broth and black truffle essence. The skin too which I usually remove when I eat roast duck, was gleaming and simply irresistible, I ate everything- skin and all. And yes, we did drink up the remaining broth that had that lovely truffle scent. The genius behind the truffle and duck pairing truly deserves a commendation.


17 Bruton Street
London, Greater London W1J 6QB
Phone: (020) 7907 1888

Opening hrs:
Monday- Friday 12:00-3:15 pm, 6:00 pm-12:00 am
Weekends 12:00-4:15 pm, 6:00 pm-12:00 am

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London, UK

3 Responses to London Eats: Hakkasan, Mayfair

  1. Paul says:

    I actually find that the skin of dim sum outside asia tends to be too thick outside of Singapore? Never been to the ldn one but that was what I experienced at the nyc outlet

    • admin says:

      That was kinda actually what I was expecting but surprisingly it wasn’t that bad, like it had to be slightly thicker to hold the all the condiments and broth inside because there were more than usual but I didn’t find it overly starchy like some other places which I’ve tried before! :)

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