Weekend Breakfast @ Bistro Du Vin (Zion Road)

A classic French breakfast is traditionally a simple affair. Unlike your elaborate hearty American or Continental breakfasts which often feature whole sausages, thick bacon strips and the like, the French value quality and satisfaction over quantity and is instead all about freshly baked baguettes and croissants served alongside a good brew of coffee or freshly squeezed fruit juice. The Bistro Du Vin branch at Zion Road offers just that very experience.

Available exclusively at only the Zion Road branch, Bistro Du Vin has recently added a breakfast menu on the weekends. From 8.30-11am every Saturday and Sunday, one can expect only the classics of Le Panier (1 croissant, 1 Pain au chocolat, Baguette) $9, Brandade with poached Egg $14, Plates of Cheeses, Ham & Saucisson at $20 each and Eggs prepared in different ways for $16. The menu, while limited in variety, is comprehensive enough to re-create the actuality of having a very Parisian breakfast in a little French bistro.


Le Petit Déjeuné Complet: $23.00
Choice of hot Beverage
+ Glass of Juice
+ Basket of Bread & Croissants
+ Choice of “Let’s Get Serious”

  • Omelette $16.00 (ala-carte)
  • Fried Egg $16.00
  • Scramble Egg $16.00

I strongly recommend getting the Le Petit Déjeuné Complet. For $23, one can enjoy two beverages, a basket of freshly baked French breads and a choice of eggs done the way you like it. The eggs also come with sides of Sautéed Lardons, Iberico Ham, Sautéed Mushrooms & Grilled Tomatoes as well. An absolute bargain for a hearty brunch, let alone a quality French one at that.

The breads and croissants are served warm and oven fresh. Biting into those fluffy and extremely light viennoiseries was a lovely morning pick-me-up.


Scramble Egg $16.00

A seemingly simple method of cooking eggs but deceivingly so, because achieving that creamy and tender consistency with billowy curds is not easy at all. And the chef at BDV had managed to achieve that extremely soft, even and delectable result. We really enjoyed these scrambled eggs and they are a must order here. The sides complimented the eggs well though if I was being really picky, would have appreciated a wee bit more butter in my Sautéed Mushrooms!


Brandade with Poached Egg $14.00

Something quite unusual that you do not usually see served at breakfast places, one might actually have mistook this for a single eggs benedicts! But quite wrongly so. This very modest looking plate, which has now become my favourite brunch order, is instead a French specialty of pureed salted cod mixed with mashed potatoes sitting atop a slice of sourdough and topped with a poached egg.


I was taught that the perfect and most indulgent method of enjoying this, was to break the poached egg, allow that glistening runny yolk to flow and using your fork, mix it all up with the cod and mash. And it was truly a wonderful blend of saltiness and creaminess which was surprisingly satisfying and filling.


Weekends definitely got better with breakfast now offered at Bistro Du Vin. And while hours are early and breakfast ending at 11am, I am willing to go out on a limb and say that it is definitely worth waking up for.

Thank you Valencia of the Les Amis Group for the invite and Irwin for your wonderful hospitality!


56 Zion Road
Tel: +65 6836 6313


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