CNY ’13: Xin Cuisine, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium


Be part of Xin Cuisine’s Lunar New Year celebrations as they welcome prosperous beginnings in the year of the Snake with an array of exquisite new dishes, auspicious set menus and sweet novelties that symbolise wealth and abundance. Marking the 8 auspicious days of the Lunar New Year, starting from the eve of Chinese New Year, right to the 15th day, Xin Cuisine has specially prepared delightful highlights of Pen Cai, Nian Gao and Yu Sheng for you to commemorate and celebrate each day with feasting and togetherness as we toast to success for the coming year.

Xin’s Superior Fruit and Seafood Yu Sheng
Available in both the Auspicious Blossoms and Bountiful Harvest sets at $2013++ for 10 persons and $3999++ for 10 persons

Toss to the New Year with Xin’s Superior Fruit and Seafood Yu Sheng. The fruit section is made up of a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours from refreshing fruits such as rock melon, papaya, jackfruit, pomelo, pomegranate packed and arranged neatly on a bed of shredded cucumbers and purple radish.


The seafood part on the other hand has the ‘raw fish’ part of the Yu Sheng, with a lavish selection of 7 different types of sashimi, ranging from the Gold Leaf Australian Lobster, Salmon, Tuna, Japanese Sweet Prawn, Geoduck Clams to Japanese Cobia. And the ice sculpture that the sashimi slices were carefully packed onto, with a special touch of the Lobster head, was absolutely stunning.


Both the fruit and seafood parts of the Yu Sheng are then mixed together before we tossed it all to a year of abundance filled with sweetness and excess- 年年有余.


Superior Soup with Bamboo Pith and Fish Maw
Available in the Bountiful Harvest set $3999++ for 10 persons

Warm your tummy with this nutritious broth that has been boiling and simmering in all the goodness and essence of bamboo pith, fresh fish maw, chicken meat and sea cucumber. Clear soup somehow always tastes so comforting, nourishing and unbelievably healthy.


Sauteed Yacon with Prawn, Scallop and Fresh Mushrooms
Available in the Prosperous Celebrations set $1188++ for 10 persons

And having something different from the usual broccoli and shitake mushroom combination, Xin Cuisine serves up a perennial tuber- Yacon that looks almost like a potato in shape and colour. It is however surprisingly crunchy, refreshing and naturally sweet without all the added calories and carbs! I really enjoyed how Chef Kwan stir fried the yacons with prawns, scallops and enoki mushrooms for the nice balance of textures and flavours.


Xin’s Eight Treasure Royal Duck
Available for takeaway $198

The Eight Treasure Royal Duck is a nice alternative to the Pen Cai because it holds all the usual New Year delicacies of scallops, abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber plus roast duck in a single pot with superior stock! I definitely wanted a bowl of white rice as accompaniment to soak up all that rich gravy that held all those fine ingredients. Simply heavenly!


Steamed Marble Goby with Cordycep Flower, Mushroom and Fungus
Available in the Imperial Dragon Feast set $498++ for 6 persons

The Marble Goby, which is the biggest species of gobies and one of the best tasting freshwater fishes was served in my absolute favourite method of preparation- steamed. I always had the impression that steaming distinguishes the extremely fresh fish and not so fresh fish. If it was the former, the result would be sweet tasting and firm white flesh- and that was exactly what we had. With its high protein value and non-bony flesh, plus added nutritional value from the cordycep flowers that it was steamed with, this is a healthy and sure-favourite among both the young and old!


Xin’s Premium Layered Nian Gao with Coconut Sauce and Fried Sesame Ball with Red Bean and Chocolate Liqueur Filling

Another new addition to the Xin Cuisine Chinese New Year menu this year, is the Xin’s Premium Layered Nian Gao with Coconut Sauce. Deep fried and complemented with the sweet coconut sauce, this was truly decadent and worth the calories. Of course not forgetting that we will all 年年高升 after eating the Nian Gao! The Fried Sesame Ball with Red Bean and Chocolate Liqueur Filling is a Xin Cuisine signature and one that chocolate liqueur lovers will appreciate. The others however may find that it is an acquired taste as the liqueur was really quite potent. Nonetheless, nothing beats having that burst of hot chocolate liqueur in your mouth as you bite into it! Liu Sha Bao with a twist!


For reservations or more enquiries, please call Xin Cuisine at 6731 7173 or email

Thank you Eunice, Jonathan and Rimmel of Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium for the kind hospitality!


Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
Level 4
317 Outram Road Singapore 169075
Phone: 6731 7156

Opening hrs:
Weekdays: 12pm – 3pm, 6.30pm – 11pm
Weekends: 11.30am – 3pm, 6.30pm – 11pm


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  1. sgfoodonfoot says:

    The Yusheng so pretty and interesting.

  2. Carrie says:

    I love the food from Xin Cuisine. To be honest, the food is good and the presentation is great. Been there twice and I find the creations creative! :D Glad to see them featured for CNY!

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