CNY ’13: The ART (Assumption Restaurant for Training)

$120 NETT for 4-6 pax (6 courses)

The training restaurant of Assumption Pathway School is having a Chinese New Year Set Lunch promotion from the 13th Feb- 22nd Feb 2013. For the second year running, this semi-fine dining restaurant is offering an extremely value-for-money 6 course set lunch for 4-6 pax at only $120 nett. With many Chinese restaurants jacking up their prices during this festive season and promotion menus often ranging from the high-end of hundreds to thousands bracket, this set lunch here at The ART (Assumption Restaurant for Training) will definitely make you feel like you are getting a bang for your buck!

Fa Cai Yu Sheng
Also available for takeaway at $18

Wishing all 恭喜发财 (a prosperous New Year) as we toss to a new year of prosperity and abundance with this Fa Cai Yu Sheng. And after seeing all the elaborate and fusion Yu Sheng(s) that have been created by restaurants this year, it is sometimes nice and refreshing to just enjoy the traditional Yu Sheng with all its original elements of Carrots (鸿运当头), White Radish (风生水起), Green Radish (青春常驻). While smoked salmon is used in place of raw fish, I found that the subtle saltiness matched off with the sweet plum sauce quite effortlessly and thoroughly enjoyed the tinge of sourness offered by the addition of the preserved strips of melon, cucumber, leek and white sour ginger.


Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts in Yam Ring 金鸡报喜

And who does not love the cashew nuts + diced chicken + button mushrooms combination cooked in Kung Pao style? This classic Szechuan dish is a crowd favourite and loved by many because of its spicy-sweet marinate and slightly charred fragrance. The chefs at The ART does a lovely rendition of it, which is not too fiery so that even the kids will enjoy. I definitely fancied the deep-fried Yam Ring that quaintly held all that stir-fry and remained crisp on the outside while the yam on the inside was uniformly soft without any of those greasiness.


Crispy Fried Fish Fillet in Spicy Mango Sauce 年年有余

Unlike the usual whole steamed fish where you have pick through carefully and be wary of those nasty little pricks that can be quite damaging if you accidentally swallow them, these boneless fillets are extremely elderly and children friendly. With the use of only premium dory fish that was first deep fried with a light batter and later mixed with that homemade spicy mango sauce that was sweet and a little citrusy, this was overall a cohesive and well balanced dish.


Sauteed Prawns with Hong Kong Chye Sim 喜哈大笑

Prawns, pronounced as ‘Haa’ in Cantonese, are believed to symbolise much happiness for the coming year when eaten at Chinese New Year. As such, these sauteed prawns that have been stir fried to a crisp with peppers- red and black, should be enjoyed as a whole, shell and all, for more laughter and joy. But you can of course peel off the shell and only eat the flesh if you are not used to it.


Pineapple Fried Rice 旺来炒饭

Light and fragrant with moist rice grains that were not mushy, this Pineapple Fried Rice was certainly enjoyable. It was mild and not too intense, with just hints of sweetness from the pineapple chunks and great flavour from the prawns and mixed vegetables. My only gripe would be the lack of those straggly bits of pork floss that is usually synonymous with Singaporean Pineapple Fried Rice.


Doubled Boiled White Fungus with Gingko Nuts 甜甜蜜蜜

And ending with a bowl of soothing, refreshing and clear dessert soup that has been double boiled with white fungus, red dates, wolfberry, dried persimmon and gingko nuts. You can request for it to be served hot or cold though my vote goes to the latter which I found to be quite the thirst-quencher. And given that you probably have been snacking on all those CNY goodies, this bowl of white fungus is the perfect antidote for your ‘heaty’ body with its cooling and nourishing properties!


Do note that Chinese Tea is charged at an additional $2 per pax and reservations need to be made at least 2 days in advance!

Assumption Pathway School
30 Cashew Road
Singapore 679697

Opening hours:
The training restaurant is open to public daily from 12pm to 2pm (during school term).

Reservations can be made by phone to (+65) 6892 6187 during school days from 11am to 2pm or to (+65) 6879 3900 during office hours, at least 2 days before your reservation.


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