Nana’s Green Tea Cafe

Japanese Matcha has long been associated with many heath benefits. Reputed to be an amazing natural metabolism booster, a great way to reduce your cholesterol and even said to hold more antioxidants than berries, dark chocolate and spinach, this fine ground high quality green tea from Japan is indeed a superfood for anybody and everybody!

Nana’s Green Tea Cafe, one of Japan’s pioneer Matcha cafes, with 32 outlets all over the country and even earning the status of ‘Japan’s Starbucks’ has recently opened its flagship store in Singapore at the Plaza Singapura extension. This Singapore branch offers an extensive menu of Matcha- based desserts such as crepes and parfaits, drinks and even savoury options of Donburi and Udon soup with the chefs flown directly from Japan so that you can experience and enjoy the true authentic taste of Nana’s Green Tea.


Locomoko Don $15.80

That sunny-side up egg with its glowing yolk definitely caught my attention first as it simply brightens up the overall demeanor of this Locomoko Don with its presence. Somewhat like a deconstructed hamburger with its beef patty, lettuce and tomatoes, I personally thought the patty was a tad dry and could be a little juicier but the sweet tomato sauce did its job by adding some succulence to the warm Japanese sticky rice. And coupled with some florets of broccoli, this overall combination did work out in the end.


Mushi – Dori Goma Dare Udon $13.80

While I am not really a fan of cold noodles, I did however warm up to this cold Udon variation served with Nana’s special sesame sauce. And oh I have to talk about that creamy and nutty texture of the sauce, which was quite compelling and simply the highlight. Topped with healthy steamed chicken fillets that complemented the bouncy consistency of the specially imported Udon noodles, this was quite special.


And! Nana’s Green Tea is now having a special lunch set at only $13.90! Choose from any of the mains in the menu including the two signature dishes that I mentioned above and you get complementary beverage of choice as long as it is below $8! This absolute bargain is available only Mondays to Fridays, 11am-2.30pm so dont miss out on this offer!

Moving onto the desserts section!

Matcha Shiratama Parfait $11.80
Banana Chocolate Parfait $12.80

These layers of ice-cream, syrup, cornflakes, whipped cream, mochi and kanten jelly are absolute showstoppers. The best part always about parfaits is that they are piled on top of each other so all you really need is a tall spoon is get a bit of that goodness. What I really appreciated most was that these towering heights of ice and cream were almost exact replicas of their photogenic counterparts printed in the menu. The last thing you want is to get excited over the pictures and be disappointed when the actual one arrives. This was definitely not the case here.


So if you have yet to jump onto the Matcha bandwagon yet, Nana’s Green Tea cafe is a great place to start. The overall decor of the place with its cute wooden framed partitions and warm yellow lighting makes it an excellent choice to spend the afternoon just sipping tea and eating ice-cream. Now doesnt that sound ideal and lovely?

Thank you Alisa of Publicist PR Consultants for the invite!


Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
#03-80/82 Singapore 238839

Opening hours:
Monday-Sunday: 1100-2200, last order: 2130


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