Steam Sia @ 5 Hindoo Road

Created with the concept of reliving the 80’s and reminiscing the good ol’ days, Steam Sia is Little India’s newest bistro addition which has been designed with the intention of reigniting fond memories of the past with mementos of a jukebox, an antique telephone with a turn dial, old aluminum biscuit tins and wooden coffee shop furniture. There is even a pseudo Kachang Puteh stall at the entrance with old school tidbits and biscuits such iced gems that are complimentary and for you to snack on as you wait for your food to arrive. If however you do not wish to spoil your appetite before the meal, then delve into a game of five stones or marbles with your friend instead!

Steam Sia serves a mix of local delights that include Nonya Chicken Curry, Nonya Assam Fish and the western usuals of Aglio Olio, Ribeye Steak, Fish N Chips with a good range of hot and cold beverages. Prices range from $8.90- 25.90 for a main while appetizers and side bites start from $6.90.


Nonya Chicken Curry ($12.90 for 1, $20.90 for 2)

This Nonya Chicken Curry from the Asian Harvest section of the menu came highly recommended by the staff and quite deservingly so. The thick coconut gravy was a harmony of ground Peranakan spices and coated the baguette slices that we dipped in well and through. Not forgetting the generous portion of chicken served with the curry which was tender and juicy and the potatoes that had been stewed evenly and soft without being mushy. It was also surprisingly adequately spicy for a good kick but not too much that a glass of iced water was necessary. This is a definite must-try here.


Classic Tom Yum Spaghetti with Seafood $16.90

An unsuspecting fusion combination which turned out quite well, this Tom Yum Spaghetti mix was quite a winner. The stock was spicy, sourish, extremely flavourful and did great justice to that pasta which was cooked al dente. I was almost so carried away at slurping up all the spaghetti that I forgot about those mussels, prawns and mushrooms at the side!


 ‘Steam Sia’s Signature Grilled Salmon $18.90

We also tried their grilled salmon from the Western Delights which was unfortunately quite a let down especially since it came after the two exemplary dishes above. The presentation while pretty did little to make up for the overcooked salmon fillet which was dry and chewy and a fruit salsa that failed to impress with its lack of sweetness.


Waffle with Ice-cream $16.90

As one of the only two desserts on the menu, this Waffle with Movenpick’s Vanilla ice-cream did look promising on the plate with its drizzle of chocolate sauce all over. That scoop of ice-cream was exactly what we needed on the hottest day in January at 34 degrees and served its purpose well. The waffle however was hard and heavy instead of being fluffy and crisp. I suppose a little tweaking to the batter should do the trick!


Overall, Steam Sia is a nostalgic place to visit with your childhood friends and especially if you are born in the 80’s like the owners, you will definitely feel right at home. And while the food does have some hits and misses, the overall experience is a lovely trip down memory lane.

Thank you Sue Ann for the invite!


5 Hindoo Road
Contact: 6396 6585

Opening hrs:
Daily 11am – 12am


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  1. Looks like everyone tried the same food.

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