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The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill is the latest addition to the Fullerton Waterfront. Named after the Pelican (bird) who is affectionately regarded as the symbol of nearing land and homecoming for seamen, this seafood bar too, strives to recreate the experience of an inviting and heartwarming space of comforting food for diners with their grill offerings.

Conceptualized by The Big Idea, the very same people behind Kinki, Fat Cow, Marmalade Pantry and Bedrock Bar & Grill, The Pelican is the ideal destination for an alfresco-style lunch overlooking the Waterfront and the Marina Bay Sands as well as for winding down the evening with a cocktail or two with sunset DJ sessions at the outdoor veranda. The ongoing super attractive Happy Hour 1-for-1 on house Red/White Wines, Spirits and Hoegaarden Beer on weekdays 5-8pm further sweetens the deal for this charming watering hole.


With The Pelican having such discernible emphasis on sea culture and the ocean, one must definitely not miss out on The Pelican Platter $99 which serves 2-3 people. Filled with only the best catch of raw oysters, clams, dungeness crab, poached prawns, a whole steamed whole Maine lobster, marinated conch salad and swordfish ceviche that have been prepared simply so as to allow the true and bold flavours of the fresh seafood to come through, this was simply luxuriant and pleasurable.


The Pelican Chowder $16 served here at The Pelican is a unique spin on the usual chowders that are cooked with milk or cream. Served as a clear broth instead, this variant believed to be done Manhattan style, is a healthy and lighter alternative to those who love their thickened seafood stew but without the added calories.


Looking suspiciously similar to Fried Calamaris, this Cod’s Tongue Casserole $26 is instead battered fish neck muscles. But before you get grossed out, give in to your adventurous side and give these neck muscles a try. You will find that they are actually sweet tasting, succulent and quite addictive especially when eaten with the roast garlic pieces and pork scratchings that have been fried in the mix.


My favourite appetizer of the day was the Black Peppered Candied Bacon $18 that tastes exactly like our Bak Kwa. The tiny specks of black peppercorns gives a little kick against those sweet delectable brown sugared caramelized bacon strips that were oh so scrumptious. Loved the crispy potato strips that added a nice crunch factor.


Moving onto the mains in the wood-fire grill section, this NZ Skate Wing Chop $32 is very much like our local Sambal Stingray delight but without the sambal. The wing was a generous portion with very firm and fresh white flesh. Topped with some burnt lemon butter and served with old bay seasoned fries, this was definitely very filling for one and good for sharing.


One of the top sellers at The Pelican, this Baked Snapper Pie $36 is a must order here in my opinion. Think gorgeous chunks of snapper fish, asparagus and mushroom in warm comforting white gravy covered with that golden layer of buttery flaky puff pastry. A spoonful of that cream with puff pastry combination is really one of a kind and not to be missed out on.


For desserts, say yes to the tangy sourish zest of this Lemon Meringue Mess $14 which counterbalances with the cloyingly sweet meringue bits. Mixed with homemade graham crackers and dried raspberries, this one aces in both color coordination, presentation and definitely taste.


If you are up for something different, the Pina Colada Sherbet $14, which also happens to be my top pick, will blow your mind. Pineapple jam and toasted coconut shavings with a distinct Rum alcoholic twist to it, this one rates M18 and is recommended for adults only.


For the chocoholics, especially dark chocolate fans, the Double Chocolate Whoopie Pie $16 is right up your alley. Imagine a chocolate sandwich of good quality chocolate mousse topped with chocolate shaved pieces and chocolate ganache.. this is chocolate through and through. Certainly not for the fainthearted!


Overall, it is hard to resist the charms of The Pelican with its fine foods and creative cocktails. Coupled with its strategic location along the Waterfront that gives a spectacular view of the Marina Bay Sands hourly light show at night, this restaurant, bar and grill is definitely primed for greatness.

Thank you Carlyn for the invite and warm hospitality!


One Fullerton
1 Fullerton Road
Singapore 049213
Contact: 6438 0400

Opening Hrs:
Lunch: Mon-Fri, 12pm – 3pm
Dinner: Mon-Sat, 5pm – 1am
(Closed on Sun)


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