Paddington House of Pancakes @ City Square Mall

The Paddington House of Pancakes franchise, a specialty pancake full- dining restaurant, has finally reached our shores, after having opened four outlets all over Malaysia since 2004. This pancake house features more than 100 different types of pancakes from more than 10 different countries all around the world. With an all-encompassing menu which include pannekoeks, American stacks, poffertjes, blitzes, blinis, crepes (names of the multiple variations of pancakes you find in America, France, Europe, Britain and even Russia), the world is your oyster here at Paddington House of Pancakes as you travel round the world one pancake at a time.

From savoury to sweet pancakes, the menu is crazy extensive and it is not surprising to find yourself getting giddy with excitement as you flip through those pages with extremely vivid descriptions and mouthwatering pictures. No one will blame you for taking more than half an hour to decide what to order because you will definitely be spoilt for choice.


Pancakes are usually my staple at breakfasts and brunches. Nothing says Good Morning better than a stack of pancakes and drizzle of maple syrup. BUT if sweet stuff arent your thing so early in the morning, the Oslo $18 just might be. An extremely generous serve of smoked salmon fashioned into a flower with green grilled zucchini as the bud, sitting on two spicy mashed potato pancakes and cheesy scrambled eggs at the side. This was absolutely irresistible to both the eyes and taste buds.


Putting a twist on Fish N Chips, the Alaska $15 is a great lunch or dinner option. And despite being a specialty pancake house, it came as a nice surprise that the battered dory fish had a nice crumb and crunch. The fish itself was also moist and fresh, an absolute delight with that squeeze of lemon. The Alaska also comes with spicy mashed potato pancakes and a creamy mushroom sauce with whole mushrooms at the side, making it a nice complete meal.


For desserts, go for the dollar pancake options that are absolutely cute, light and fluffy. The best part? They are fried with no oil! Healthy and yummy? Yes please!

All Paddington House of Pancakes’ sundaes come served in a cup with alternating layers of dollar pancakes. Our pick goes to the Strawberry New York Cheesecake $8 and Tiramisu $8.


For sharing purposes, the Bombon Dollars $12 is a great choice. Served in a bowl with heaps of dollar pancakes, Oreo cookies, digestive crumbs, raisins, nuts and ice cream, this was the bomb. Dont forget to pour in the condensed milk for double the pleasure and double the indulgence.


My favourite that day came in the form of the simplest of names- Chocolate Roll $13. But before you dismiss it for being plain, give it a chance because it is anything but. Made with a Pannekoek which has Dutch/Belgian roots, the pancake was first smothered with peanut butter, Oreo crumbs, chocolate sauce and nuts before being rolled up into a Chocolate Roll. The end result which you bite into is an amazing combination of gooey, sweet, nutty and chocolatey. I liked how the chefs were not stingy with their ingredients at all and every bite was an oozing experience.


If you wish to stick with the traditional, then these Chocolate Chip Pancakes $11/$18, served with a scoop of ice cream, baby marshmallows, nuts and chocolate sauce should do the trick. It is back to the basics with this one and I am glad that despite all the elaborate and innovative creations, Paddington House of Pancakes still knows how to do a fine golden pancake that is crisp around the edges but fluffy in the middle.


Overall, Paddington House of Pancakes is an interesting dining experience that all pancake fans should not miss. It is also a fantastic opportunity getting to know the roots of different types of pancakes and finding out which one rocks your boat most. Oh yes and do bear in mind that all pancakes served here at Paddington House of Pancakes are prepared fresh daily and only flipped upon order so there might be a bit of a waiting time.

Thank you Rohit for the kind hospitality and Derrick of sgfoodonfoot for extending his invitation!


City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208539
Tel: +65 66129029

Opening hrs:
10:30am – 10:30pm daily


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  1. anon says:

    they charge for water. if this was not an invited meal, then you would know

  2. Grace Wee says:

    They dont charge 4 water anymore

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