Prego Springs To Life With Colori Di Primavera

One of Singapore’s longest standing Italian restaurants, Prego at Fairmont Singapore celebrates the arrival of Spring adorning bright colours, bold flavours and fresh produce with its new Colori Di Primavera (Colours of Spring) menu which will be available from 1st March 2013- 28th April 2013.

Prego’s predominantly orange and brown hued landscape lends a gloriously welcoming demeanor to its spacious premises. The lovely touch of fresh flowers around the restaurant with a stalk of yellow gerbera on each table draws you into this homely rustic Italian restaurant which has stood the test of time. And it is with this inviting thought in mind that has inspired Chef de Cuisine Antonio Facchinetti to create these flavourful Spring dishes to user into the season.


**Do note that these are tasting portions

Embrace the au naturale colours of this **Lobster with Yellow and Green Zucchini Salad $28++, prepared simply so as to not overwhelm the raw sweetness of both the shredded zucchini and boiled lobster flesh. Crunching through the tangled greens was decidedly delightful, with just the right drizzle of lemon juice/olive oil dressing to jazz things up a little.


For a more refreshing and colourful alternative, the **Spinach Salad with Red Onions, Pine Nuts and Strawberry $19++ is a charm. Extremely light and subtle, while rich in antioxidants and iron, this is power packed and healthy with a capital ‘H’!


I was quite taken by the Pan Roasted Cod with Sauteed Broccolini and Vine Tomato $48++ which came served in parchment paper.  The ensemble of bright green broccolini, zesty yellow lemon, black olives, cherry red tomatoes and a generous slab of cod fillet could not have brought out the essence of Spring more. The pan roasted cod flesh itself was so delicate and smooth. Quite easily my favourite of the day.


Made up of three staple Roman ingredients, this **Tagliolini with Artichokes, Guanciale and Pecorino $36++ is yet another of Chef de Cuisine Antonio Facchinetti’s thoughtfully prepared handmade pasta dishes. Finished table-side in a Pecorino cheese wheel made from sheep’s milk, this was a light and textured dish made extra special by those fatty crispy bits of Guanciale (pork cheeks).


The more adventurous will warm up to the Rabbit Ravioli with “Scafata” Traditional Umbrian Fava Bean Stew $36++, prepared the classic Italian way. It was my first time eating rabbit but truth be told, if I was not told earlier that it was rabbit, I would have definitely guessed it to be either a minced beef or pork because there was no gamey aftertaste at all. The texture and consistency of the ravioli was commendable with just the perfect thickness of dough and filling ratio. Served with those buttery and tender fava beans in a stew, this was simply Spring in Italy on a plate.


And nothing screams Spring more than this lovely and picturesque Meringue Crostata with Fresh Mango, Passion Curd and Strawberry Gelato $14++ of fresh ‘seedlings’, ‘soil’ and a fully bloomed ‘flower’. This composite of the sourish passion curd, sweet fresh mango and malty airiness of the meringue was no less delicious than the previous courses and undeniably good.


For a more affordable alternative of Chef de Cuisine Antonio Facchinetti’s new Spring menu, Prego also offers a 3-course set lunch for only $60++.


Fairmont Singapore
Level 1
80 Bras Basah Road
Tel: 6431 6156

Opening hrs:
Mondays to Saturdays
6am to 11am, 11.30am to 2.30pm, 6.30pm to 10.30pm
12pm to 3pm, 6.30pm to 10.30pm


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