Social Sin | Gastrobar & All Day Breakfast Bistro

Social Sin is the latest dining concept by Ministry of Food (MOF), the very same people who brought you MOF @ My Izakaya, Lenas, DANRO Japanese Hot Pot and AmaSoy. This gastrobar offers All Day Breakfast, Happy Hour Drink Specials and even 50% off all 2nd main courses when you dine from 11.30am-8.30pm. With a rustic contemporary theme for the decor and a striking resemblance to House/Skinny Pizza’s menu newspaper style, augmented by Wild Honey’s naming system for their egg-centered breakfast platters such as English and Tunisian, Social Sin offers a plethora of dining experiences all in a single space.


The Light Bites and Snacks section of the menu is considerably straightforward, with choices of Chicken Wings $10, Beef Meatballs $9, Chunky Cut Fries $7, Popcorn Chicken $9 and even Tomato Bruschetta $8, best paired with their beer specials of the day written on the board.

We tried the Sweet Potato Fries $10 and Crunchy Calamari $9, both served in aluminum cans, with dips of tar tar sauce, sweet chilli and wasabi mayo. The latter was so creamy addictive, we could not resist asking for seconds. I liked how we had thick round substantial squid fried with a golden brown batter that remained crisp down to the last piece and a decent chunky cut of sweet potato fries, not too over the top unlike the ones at Skinny Pizza which had an extra coat of white sugar. These two light bite options passed satisfactorily.


We settled for a Parma Ham Pizza (8 inch $17) for our main as recommended by our server. Unfortunately they were out of rocket salad so the kitchen substituted the greens with other types of lettuce. The pizza crust was biscuit-like crisp and almost brittle, extremely enjoyable to munch upon, while the parma ham on the other hand, was missing that quintessential preserved saltiness of dry-cured meat, so that was disappointing. Peperoni still holds top ranks for a good parma ham pizza in my opinion.


The dessert menu will excite the sweet tooth in you with its varied options of Hokkaido Azuki Red Bean, Flambeed Bananas, Italian Panna Cotta, Gelato with Apple Crumble and good old Chocolate Brownies.


But if you only had appetite for one, we would recommend the Chocolate Brownie Headache $14 which cures the headache rather than cause it. A ceramic bowl of marshmallows, chunky brownie pieces, rich chocolate gelato and dark chocolate chips all melting like a hot pot of fondue over the tea light candle. This was insanely rich, decadent and best shared. The gelato melts pretty quickly and an additional order of French Vanilla gelato $2.50 was possibly the best gastronomic decision we made that day.


Social Sin Gastrobar & All Day Breakfast Bistro is a lovely respite for lunch especially in crowd crazy Bugis Junction. The bistro can accommodate a decent number of people with additional bar counter tall tables outside for the drinking crowd who would prefer the evening breeze with their bottle of beer. The only gripe I had with Social Sin was the service, or rather lack off. A smile or two once a while during service and lesser of an attitude would have made this dining experience a much more memorable one.


200 Victoria Street
#01-88/89 Bugis Junction
Tel: 63367630

Mon – Thu: 11:30 – 22:30
Fri – Sat: 11:30 – 23:00
Sun: 11:30 – 22:30


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