Genki Sushi @ Chinatown Point

Did you know that Genki Sushi was the first original pioneers of the kaiten sushi (sushi served on a revolving conveyor belt) concept back in 1990, long before it became a common feature and trademark of affordable casual sushi dining establishments such as Sushi Tei, Sakae Sushi and Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru?

Many of us will remember their iconic yellow cartoonish face with furrowed brows and rouged cheeks when they first came to Singapore four years ago but left abruptly. Genki Sushi has since re-emerged in Singapore with the flagship store at Orchard Central and a second branch at Chinatown Point last month.


The new and improved Genki Sushi features innovative technology which minimizes the need for labor and human contact with the food. Sushi robots in the kitchens mould the sushi rice onto plates directly, ensuring that the amount of rice used is consistent and each rice mould has the exact same size and shape.

And unlike other conveyor belt sushi restaurants that actually have plates of sushi rotating round all the time, undoubtedly affecting the freshness and quality of what you eat, sushi here at Genki Sushi is prepared upon order and delivered right to your table in the form of the most adorable Shinkansen bullet train. There are three train tracks running concurrently so you do not have to worry about a possible ‘traffic congestion’ even with the lunch or dinner crowds.


Orders here are taken on the iPad, where you can scroll and swipe through the various selections of each category on the menu before placing your order.  And in line with their mechanized system for fast and efficient service, customers are encouraged to drop their empty plates into a slot at the side of the table which is linked to a plate-clearing system and brings it straight to the kitchen for washing. How convenient and fuss-free!


As an added bonus, with every 8 plates ‘deposited’ in the slot, you stand a chance to win either a free plate of sushi or 10% off your food bill at the Genki Sushi Lottery!


Hot green tea (ocha) is also self serviced, with the green tea powder and hot water dispenser at your table for your convenience. Matcha lovers can make a thicker brew by varying the amount of green tea powder while others will find that one teaspoon will suffice for a decent cup.

Genki Sushi-001

The Scallop Carpaccio Sushi $5.80 is a new item on the menu and one of the ‘Haru Select’ offerings which have been launched to mark the coming of Spring. Fresh whole scallops simply prepared, allowing the natural sweet notes to titillate the taste buds and a splash of soy sauce to pull it all together. Seafood lovers will find this one particularly endearing and enjoyable.


While the unassuming Seared Fluke Fin $2.30 is hardly eye catching with such a plain color palette, the taste was anything but ordinary. The fin or rather the cartilage portion of the fish was slightly seared with a buttery consistency and melted in the mouth quite so easily. This was also another standout in the ‘Haru Select’ menu.


The Smoked Duck Sushi with Honey Mustard $2.30 turned out to be a matching combination despite being one not seen often. The thin slice of sweet tender smoked duck and drop of honey mustard could not have paired off with the top-grade Koshihikari aromatic short-grain sushi rice any better.


One of my usual orders at Japanese restaurants is the Soft Shell Crab Handroll. Genki’s version featured a generous portion of crisp crunchy soft shell crab which sat well with the creamy avocado slices and proportionate amount of rice. The seaweed (nori) used to wrap the roll however, was lacking and too chewy.


My favourite of the day and also a signature dish here at Genki Sushi, the Cream Cheese Premium Shrimp Sushi $5.80 is a must order especially for cheese lovers! The layer of seared melted cream cheese with bits of Parmesan on the large sized shrimp was quite unforgettable with the creaminess and contrast of textures.


The Salmon Sashimi received a nod of approval from the table for its freshness and sweet highlights.


Dessert options are few on the menu but the ice-cream served here is from Meiji so you can only expect great quality with intense flavours. My vote goes to the Sesame Ice-cream which had that authentic richness of black sesame paste. Simply scrumptious and delightful.


The Genki Sushi chain has indeed brought sushi dining to a whole new level while ordering, in sushi preparation and serving up quality food efficiently with pocket friendly prices. Kids will definitely enjoy watching their plates of sushi being served via the Kousoku (express) system and ‘depositing’ their plates into the slot system. Eating sushi just got a lot more fun and interactive.


133 New Bridge Road
Chinatown Point #02-33
Singapore 059413

Opening hrs:
11.30am – 10.00pm daily


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  1. SG Food on Foot says:

    Wow I didn’t know Genki Sushi so high tech now! The food also seems to have improved.

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