Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant @ Gardens By The Bay

Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant, a well-conceived collaboration between Chef Yong Bing Ngen (the man behind Majestic Restaurant and Jing at One Fullerton) and local restaurateur/hotelier, Loh Lik Peng, is the only seafood establishment on site the picturesque ‘City in the Garden’ of Gardens by the Bay. Located just below the flower dome, Majestic Bay Restaurant lends an appropriate oriental presence to an otherwise Western Contemporary dining scene at the Gardens with the likes of Pollen, SuperTree by Indochine and Cafe Crema.


Guests are treated to a scenic view of nature with the floor to ceiling glass panels that bathe the spacious 110-seater restaurant with natural light while the colour palette of Tiffany-blue and white brings along a decidedly calming charm. In line with the restaurant’s main theme, the focus here at Majestic Bay is naturally on the fresh seafood though the menu does however also carry a sizable number of non-seafood dishes as well as Dim Sum offered during lunch time crafted by Guangzhou-born Chef Li Shou Tao.


Trio Prawns Combo: $38 for 4 persons

Dressed in three distinct ways of Wasabi Mayo, Lemon Butter Milk Sauce and Salad Dressing, these butterflied prawns were plump, springy and simply creamy. My pick of the lot goes to the Wasabi Mayo with its gentle hints of slow-rising spiciness that was complimenting and not too overwhelming.


Assorted Seafood Soup, Whole Young Coconut, Bamboo Piths: $18 per person

Light and nourishing, this clear seafood soup served in a whole young coconut shell was unsuspectingly full-bodied in flavour with a subtle sweetness that was accentuated by the coconut meat. The most gratifying part however was probably scraping off chunks of the white flesh and enjoying every last bit of it.


Steamed Su Dan Fish, Rice Broth “Teochew” Style: Market Price

Steamed whole in a robust rice broth, this freshwater Su Dan fish was understatedly elegant and very fleshy. Fish lovers will definitely take to this variation which is laced with beancurd skin, soft beancurd and preserved vegetables as the play on textures of crispy, soft and smooth pulls together the entire ensemble quite harmoniously. Do however be wary when eating as this fish is especially bony.


Crispy Whole Herbal Duck: $32 for half a duck

This Crispy Whole Herbal Duck is testament that the standard of the non-seafood dishes here at Majestic Bay are fiercely competitive as well. Delightfully crunchy with every bite and rightfully salty, the duck is best paired with the herbal dipping sauce served at the side which brings out its umami taste.


Bay’s Signature “Kopi” Crab: Market price

The signature crab dish coated in Kopi sauce, born out of Chef Yong’s intense love for ‘Kopi-O’, is the first of its kind in Singapore. And my does it sure know to make an entrance as it is flambéed at the table in a mixture of rice wine and coffee liqueur for an added dramatic flair. Chef’s Yong’s prized Kopi sauce is made out of 3 different varieties of coffee beans, together with apple jam, marmalade and orange juice. The result is a spellbinding concoction that tastes and smells like caramelized popcorn straight out of a popcorn machine. Piquant and memorable.


Braised, Baby Abalone, Mee Sua: $24 for 2-4 persons, $36 for 5-8 persons

The real show stealer that evening however, was this modest looking and unassuming bowl of wheat flour noodles, reminiscence of warm comforting fare that mum makes. The crab roe flavoured broth hits all the right notes with a mélange of cut greens and baby abalones for an unrivaled combination that is simply exquisite.


Five Grains, Mango Pudding: $5 per person

Putting a spin on the popular Chinese dessert, Majestic Bay’s version of the Mango Pudding sure hits the sweet spot minus the calories. While the usual variant drowns the pudding with sickeningly sweet condensed milk, the milk in this one is instead, a blend of five grains and soy milk which was uniquely refreshing without compromising on flavour. Mark my words, you will definitely want to leave room in your stomach for this dessert.


Dim Sum fans will be happy to know that Majestic Bay is having an extremely affordable 6 course set lunch offer for $28++ on weekdays and $33++ on weekends with minimum 4 to dine so dont miss out on that! Check out the Dim Sum menu here for more details.


18 Marina Gardens Drive
#01-10 Flower Dome
Gardens by the Bay
Tel: 66046604

Opening hrs:
Daily: 12:00 – 14:30
Daily: 06:00 – 21:30


3 Responses to Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant @ Gardens By The Bay

  1. It looks like they have introduced some new dishes. I have been back there for my dad’s birthday celebration in Jan but did not see some of the dishes. Looking forward to go back again for a meal.

    • admin says:

      I really enjoyed the food! Very very decent Chinese restaurant. Should be a great place for family gatherings! :)

  2. Norma Norling says:

    I ate lunch at your restaurant on 31st July and had Prawns in Lemon butter sauce….they were delicious…really delicious..
    can I have the recipe please…would love to make it now I am home in Australia…Norma

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