The Ex-Factor on Power 98FM | A Brand New Evening Drive Time Show

Most couples who break up hardly stay as friends, let alone choose to work together as partners on a new project where they will have to communicate with each other every day for 3 hours straight. Call them ‘cray cray’ as Jacqui would say, but no one in the right mind would willingly put themselves in such a situation except ex-couple Mister Young and Jacqui (Jacqueline Su-Yin Thibodeaux).

Popular radio personalities in their own right, both have decided to come back together (BUT only as working partners) and proposed the idea of a FIRST ever radio show of its kind to be broadcast on Singapore airwaves (and with good reason)- The Ex-Factor.

So what really happens when you put 2 exes who have had 5 years of history together in the same room on live radio?


We caught a glimpse of the bantering, candidness, a wee bit of drama and of course the amazing chemistry that the two charismatic radio personalities share during an exclusive preview down at the Power 98FM studios.

There was honestly never a dull moment in the room with the two, who revealed that The Ex-Factor will be nothing like anyone has ever seen or heard before as both partners who knew each other since the days when Jacqui first got into radio (Mister Yong was the one who did her audition tape and mentored her along the way as well), have nothing to hide from each other and are prepared to put it all out on the airwaves, no detail spared.

Power 98-001

So yes, expect only the unexpected from this dynamic duo during this brand new evening drive time show on Power 98FM and regular visits from couple Bee Geok (left) & Geok Bee (right), the alter-egos of Jacqui and Mister Young, who poke fun at your typical kiasu Singaporean couple who love bargains, queue up for absolutely anything and of course got married from that overused proposal of “Want to buy HDB flat with me?” Also look out for the dare challenges they will be taking part in to find out which is the better ex?


The lovely Power 98FM crew also brought us down to the recording studios where we got to see all the behind-the-scenes action and how Mister Young and Jacqui werked it like a pro with all the fancy audio equipment, headphones and multiple buttons on the mixing console.


It was truly a fantastic experience to watch how effortless the two were able to communicate and make just about any topic interesting or remotely worth discussing. And a few of us got to record our own segment with both Mister Young and Jacqui as well! We had a good laugh when Mister Young played back the recordings after for us to listen to our own voices which sound so different on air .


Grace from sharing about her most memorable ex. The Ex-Factor IS after all, all about the exes!


Smith from who gave us many wise tips on how to make a relationship work! He had been with his wife for 11 years before they got married last year!


Thank you Power 98FM for this wonderful opportunity and of course to Tim for the invite!

Dont forget to tune in to The Ex-Factor, starting 10th June 2013, Weekdays 5-8pm only on Power 98FM.

I know I definitely will!


[Pictures in this post were taken with a Nikon Coolpix S9400 (full review of the camera will be up soon)]

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