BORNGA Korean BBQ Restaurant Opens New Outlet @ Vivocity

Following the successful debut of their flagship branch at The Star Vista, BORNGA Korean BBQ Restaurant has now made its foray into family mega-mall Vivocity, bringing the authentic Korean experience to shoppers there by way of a new spacious 130-seater with 3 seating areas, including one with a view of Sentosa.

Helmed by Korean celebrity chef, Mr. Paik Jong Won, the BORNGA brand has opened 50 branches all over Asia and USA, with 33 of them in Korea itself. Its popularity in the domestic market proves paramount as evidence to its authenticity and affordable pricing which keep the customers coming back for more.


To commemorate the opening of its second outlet, BORNGA has also introduced a number of new dishes to the menu, while maintaining the signature ones which have been a favorite with returning customers.

We started the meal with the Korean BBQ experience part and here at BORNGA, the wait staff do all the BBQ-ing for you as you snack on the complimentary banchan. I always prefer leaving the cooking part to the experts because in my hands, the meat always end up too charred or undercooked because I get impatient waiting for it or leave it on for too long.

Mansinjang Samgyupsal $24 / 200g [new*]


And as BORNGA has proven to me once more, the experts always know how to do it right! Look at how uniformly smoked our tenderized pieces of pork belly turned out! The meat had only been previously lightly seasoned with parsley flakes, salt & pepper but placing it over the charcoal fire simply brought out a beautiful charred flavor which was heavenly with a dip of spicy bean paste sauce.


Yangnyum Dwaeji Galbi $33 / 250g [new*]


These pork ribs stole my heart with its arresting caramelized sheen and succulent juiciness that made chewing this tender meat an absolute delight. And because it had already been marinated with a special house sauce prior to hitting the grill, the best way to eat the meat, is to simply pick it up with your chopsticks and eat it just the way it is. Heavenly!


Of course, a long tray of 10 varieties of fresh vegetables is also provided for diners to wrap their BBQ meats with.

You gotta eat your veggies too!


Woosamgyup $28 / 200g

The star item and best seller here at BORNGA, is Chef Paik’s patented recipe of thinly-sliced US beef short plate seasoned in BORNGA’s secret marinade. The secret in enhancing the traditional bulgogi taste, is believed to be the marinating of the beef only shortly prior to serving. And after having a taste of the Woosamgyup, it is easy to understand why this beautifully marbled beef is a signature.


Moving onto the cooked items on their menu…

Sundubu Jjigae $18 [new*]

This spicy assorted seafood soup was packed filled with generous portions of tofu, egg, clams and prawns. We had this on a rainy day and it was extremely comforting. While not exceedingly spicy, every spoonful had a hearty peppery kick which teased the taste buds and whetted the appetite.


Yukgaejang $20 [new*]

If you are not up for seafood, then try this spicy beef soup, another new item on the menu. Stewed with shredded beef, scallions, bean sprouts and glass noodles, this broth had a nice earthy touch but I personally thought it was a tad too salty and had difficulty finishing my share.


Dwaeji Gohchujang Barbeque $36 [new*]

Our favorite item of all, these spicy pork slices were first grilled then stir-fried with spring onions and served on a hot plate. The result is a rush of seductive smoke from the plate which tickles your nose. There was a subtle undertone of woodsmoke, with a hint of caramelized sugar woven in with every bite. The highlight had to be those onions that were charred till gloriously sweet. An overall harmonious combination which coated the tongue with a complexity of flavors. We scrapped this clean, down to the last onion leaf.


Bornga Bulgogi – $45 (serves 2 to 3) [new*]


A unique addition to the BORNGA menu is this sumptuous bubbling beef hotpot featuring beef fillet marinated with BORNGA special sauce with fresh vegetables and glass noodles. A must try even if just for novelty sake.


I loved how all the vegetables and glass noodles eventually reduced to a stewed broth that had been naturally sweetened with pear at the end part and somehow huddling over the hotpot and sharing its contents made it all the more delicious. You can also request for a soup refill if you had not had enough!


It is also interesting to note that all of these BORNGA creations adhere closely to the original recipes used in the Korea branches to ensure consistency and maintain the true authentic Korean dining experience. BORNGA is a great place to consider when you next have a craving for Korean BBQ. And one thing is for sure, you do not come out smelling like the barbequed meats because of the installation of the new extendable exhaust which absorbs all those unpleasant fumes.

Thank you Carlyn of Sixth Sense PR for the invite!


1 Harbourfront Avenue
Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 6376 8268

Opening hrs:
11:30am to 10.00pm daily


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  1. The new menu looks really good. Can’t wait to try the beef hotpot! looks damn good.

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